Stone & Hard Surface Machines

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Introducing Stone & Hard Surface Machines: Unmatched Efficiency and Versatility

Offering excellent cleaning and upkeep for stone, tile, and hard surfaces, EDIC offers a wide selection of stone and hard surface machines. Our machines are vital resources for a range of floor care applications because they are designed to deliver unmatched efficiency, adaptability, and dependability.

Heavy Duty Floor Buffer Machine Starter Pack

Our Floor Buffer Machine Starter Pack is a strong and efficient tool that is perfect for stripping, cleaning, buffing, and polishing a variety of hard surfaces. It is designed to handle heavy-duty jobs. The exceptional performance of this machine starter pack makes it possible to restore and maintain hard floors in an efficient manner.

The Boss Multi-Tasker Floor Machine

With its versatility, the Boss Multi-Tasker is a floor machine that can be used for many different tasks. Because of its versatile design, it can be used for scrubbing, buffing, stripping, and polishing, which makes it a valuable tool for a variety of floor care applications. With its durability and high-performance motor, this machine ensures consistent results across various surfaces.

Cleanfix Low Speed FloorMac Oscillating Floor Machine

The Cleanfix FloorMac Oscillating Floor Machine is engineered with precision for efficient floor care. Its low-speed oscillating technology offers gentle yet effective cleaning for delicate surfaces. This machine is ideal for stone and hard surface cleaning, providing exceptional results while preserving the integrity of the floor.

Efficient Cleaning and Polishing

Our Stone & Hard Surface Machines are equipped with high-performance motors and cutting-edge technology to deliver superior cleaning, polishing, and restoration results on stone, tile, and hard surfaces.

Versatility and Adaptability

These machines offer versatility, allowing for multiple floor care applications, including scrubbing, buffing, stripping, and polishing. Their adaptable features make them suitable for various environments and surfaces.

Durability and Reliability

Built with durability in mind, our machines are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and reliability even in demanding floor care tasks. They are designed to withstand rigorous use in commercial and industrial settings.

User-Friendly Design

Featuring ergonomic designs and intuitive controls, these machines are user-friendly and easy to operate, reducing operator fatigue and enhancing productivity.

It concludes. EDIC's range of Stone & Hard Surface Machines, including the Heavy Duty Floor Buffer Machine Starter Pack, The Boss Multi-Tasker Floor Machine, and Cleanfix FloorMac Oscillating Floor Machine, offers unmatched efficiency, versatility, and reliability for various floor care applications. These machines are engineered to deliver exceptional cleaning, polishing, and maintenance results while ensuring durability and ease of use. Invest in EDIC's Stone & Hard Surface Machines for superior floor care solutions that exceed expectations and elevate the standards of floor maintenance.

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