13" Floor Pad, Bonnet & Sanding Driver/Holders - All Styles

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Replacement Floor Machine Pad Drivers, Disc, Bonnet, Sanding Drivers By Size. If you know your machine make & model, we suggest you visit our Manufacturer/Brand Specific Equipment Reference List section or if you cannot find what you're looking for, please call us at 1-224-654-6500 and a sales representative will assist you.

  • PAD-LOK™ - RED Heavy polypropylene strands trimmed irregular for secure holding power.
  • MAL-LOK™ Style I - WHITE 1" offset trimmed heavy polypropylene tufts penetrate pad at different depths for maximum holding power. An excellent choice for use on automatic machines and for bonnets yarn pads.
  • Polymeric Hook Faced Pad Driver - The molded polymer pad face has hundreds of individual hooks that grip into the floor pad and hold it securely while operating.

When it comes to replacing your 13" floor pad, bonnet, or sanding drivers, our array of replacement options ensures top-notch performance for your floor cleaning machines. We offer a variety of floor maintenance tasks with our PAD-LOKTM and MAL-LOKTM Style I drivers, which are known for their dependability and versatility.

PAD-LOK™ Style I

The PAD-LOKTM Style was designed to safely retain floor pads and bonnets while they are being cleaned. I drivers provide strong stability, guaranteeing that your bonnets or pads remain securely fastened to the machine. This design promotes consistent and effective cleaning results while withstanding the rigors of demanding use. The result is reliable performance across various floor maintenance applications.

MAL-LOK™ Style I

Designed to securely fasten sanding pads and screens, MAL-LOKTM Style I drivers excel in sanding and refinishing wooden surfaces. These drivers securely hold sanding pads, facilitating precise and efficient sanding operations. Built to be durable and provide a robust grip, they ensure smooth and uniform sanding, delivering excellent finishes on wooden floors.

Benefits of Replacement Floor Machine Drivers

  • Adaptability: Our assortment of replacement drivers accommodates various floor maintenance tasks, from routine cleaning to sanding and buffing, ensuring versatility across applications
  • Reliability: Designed to withstand the demands of heavy-duty cleaning and sanding, these drivers offer reliability and durability, ensuring sustained performance
  • Compatibility: With compatibility across different floor machines and sizes, these drivers offer a universal fit, suitable for a wide range of cleaning equipment
  • Efficiency: The secure attachment of pads, bonnets, or sanding screens ensures uninterrupted cleaning or sanding operations, enhancing workflow efficiency
  • Quality Performance: Whether focused on buffing, cleaning, or sanding, our replacement drivers guarantee consistent and quality performance, yielding excellent results on various floor surfaces

It concludes, our 13" floor pad, bonnet, and sanding driver/holders in all styles are meticulously crafted to meet your floor maintenance needs. Emphasizing durability, adaptability, and performance, these replacement drivers ensure your cleaning equipment operates at peak efficiency, facilitating optimal results in your floor care endeavors.

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