Aqua Burnishing Pad

Ideal for high-frequency, high-gloss burnishing programs on softer floor finishes (Replaces beige pad). Use with high speed autoscrubbers, floor burnishers, floor machines & Pad Drivers. View Brush Pad Reference List

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Introducing the Aqua Burnishing Pad a pinnacle of excellence in high-frequency, high-gloss burnishing programs tailored for softer floor finishes. This pad, a worthy replacement for the traditional beige pad, stands as an epitome of precision and performance. Compatible with high-speed autoscrubbers, floor burnishers, floor machines, and Pad Drivers, it represents a seamless blend of efficiency and perfection for achieving remarkable gloss on softer floor surfaces.

Tailored for High-Frequency Programs

Designed especially for high-gloss, high-frequency burnishing programs, this pad produces a superior shine on softer floor finishes with each pass.

Gloss Enhancement

Witness floors turned into a display of splendor as this pad subtly increases their gloss and sheen, leaving behind a polished, mirror-like finish.

Seamless Pairing

This pad pairs easily with Pad Drivers, floor burnishers, high-speed autoscrubbers, and floor machines, demonstrating its versatility and guaranteeing excellent performance in a variety of cleaning configurations.

Efficient Performance

Its design emphasizes an efficient burnishing process, maximizing the capabilities of your cleaning equipment for superior results.

Ideal for Soft Floor Surfaces

Specifically designed for softer floor finishes, this pad consistently delivers exceptional results, enhancing the appearance with an unparalleled gloss.

Consistent Brilliance

Witness the enduring brilliance this pad imparts to floors, ensuring a professional and long-lasting shine that leaves a lasting impression.

Excellence in Every Detail

The Aqua Burnishing Pad embodies precision and excellence, meticulously crafted to elevate the sheen and gloss of softer floor finishes, creating a pristine and sophisticated look.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Beyond mere cleaning, this pad provides a professional finish that significantly contributes to the overall aesthetics of any space.

It concludes, the Aqua Burnishing Pad isn't just a burnishing tool it's a testament to precision and excellence in floor care. Experience the transformative power as it enhances the sheen and gloss of softer floor finishes effortlessly. Elevate your floor care routine, impress guests, and revel in the satisfaction of flawlessly burnished floors all made effortless with the Aqua Burnishing Pad.

Premiere Pads High-Speed & Standard Floor Machine Pad Types:

Ultra High-Speed Floor Pad Types:

For use with floor machine speeds of 1000 to 3000+ RPM

  • Aqua Burnishing Pad - Ideal for high-frequency, high-gloss burnishing programs on softer floor finishes (Replaces beige pad).
  • Black Sanding Screen - Perfect for sanding dull and scuffed wood floors. Open-weave mesh design is nonloading and coated on both sides for reversible use - wet or dry.
  • Natural Hair Burnishing Pad - Natural hair and synthetic fiber pad works well on a wide variety of floor finishes and traffic conditions.
  • Natural Hair Extra Burnishing Pad - Greater percentage of natural hair and synthetic fiber pad designed for low-frequency burnishing programs on harder floor finishes.
  • Ultra Champagne Burnishing Pad - Designed for low to moderate burnishing programs on hard floor finishes.

Standard Floor Pad Types:

Do you want a brush or a pad driver?

If your preference is to have a dedicated product, select a brush. If you have a variety of applications, your choice may be a pad holder. The surface being cleaned and the amount of dirt build-up will help determine the selection. The key to remember when ordering these items is the block diameter in relationship to the machine size. A brush is sized 2 inches smaller than the machine because of the flare of the brush fibers. Pad drivers are specified 1 inch smaller than the machine.

There is an easy way to cross check your selection from the Floor Machine Brushes and Clutch Plates section of this web site.

  • A brush, long-trim pad driver, or short-trim pad driver without a riser, should be 2" smaller than the machine size.
  • A pad driver should be 1" smaller than the machine size.

Therefore, a 20" floor machine would use an:

  • 18" brush without a riser
  • or a 19" brush

This rule applies to over 90% of the applications.

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