CLEAN-GRIT Medium Scrubbing

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1 review

Replacement Floor Machine General Purpose Scrubbing Brushes. If you know your machine make & model, we suggest you visit our Manufacturer/Brand Specific Equipment Reference List section or if you cannot find what you're looking for, please call us toll FREE 1-224-654-6500 and a sales representative will happily assist you.

MAL-GRIT™ rotary floor machine brushes offer solutions to a wide range of cleaning situations. Silicone carbide impregnated nylon bristles are self-replenishing as brush wears, offering unmatched value that outlasts floor pads over 100 to 1! That translates directly into time and cost savings. Featuring our water and chemical resistant TUFF-BLOCK® for maximum life expectancy. All Grit Brushes must be run in a wet environment.

  • CLEAN-GRIT™ - An excellent general scrubbing brush for frequent maintenance cleaning. Flexible enough for cleaning narrow grout lines and uneven surfaces.
  • MAL-GRIT™ - Our most popular grit brush. An aggressive brush for general scrubbing or stripping finishes from hard surfaces. Effectively cleans wide grout lines.
  • MAL-GRIT LITE™ - Offers the durability of grit brushes with minimum aggression. For daily scrubbing of a variety of tiles, marble, terrazzo and non-slip epoxy finishes.
  • MAL-GRIT SCRUB™ - 120 Grit Brush meant for General Scrubbing purposes.
  • MAL-GRIT XTRA™ - The most aggressive grit available. This heavy gauge nylon with larger grit is used for stripping heavily soiled floors, such as concrete floors, in an industrial setting.

Unveiling the CLEAN-GRIT™ Medium Scrubbing Brush, a paramount addition to our repertoire of Replacement Floor Machine General Purpose Scrubbing Brushes. This brush range boasts superior functionality, designed to revolutionize your cleaning routine with precision and efficiency.

Versatile Maintenance

CLEAN-GRIT™ stands as the pinnacle of general scrubbing brushes, specifically engineered for frequent maintenance cleaning. Its adaptability allows seamless cleaning of narrow grout lines and uneven surfaces, ensuring an immaculate finish.

Unmatched Aggression

Compared to the MAL-GRIT™ range, our most popular grit brush, CLEAN-GRIT™ strikes a perfect balance. It maintains a strong, aggressive stance for general scrubbing without compromising surface integrity, effectively tackling wide grout lines.

Durability with Minimal Aggression

Similar to the MAL-GRIT LITE™ brush, CLEAN-GRIT™ offers the durability synonymous with grit brushes while exhibiting minimal aggression. This makes it an optimal choice for daily scrubbing across tiles, marble, terrazzo, and non-slip epoxy finishes.

Effective Grit Level

Unlike MAL-GRIT XTRA™, the most aggressive grit available, CLEAN-GRIT™ provides a reliable, medium-level grit. This makes it perfect for general scrubbing because it guarantees efficient cleaning without using too much abrasiveness.

Robust Construction

The CLEAN-GRITTM brush is made of premium materials and is guaranteed to last a long time and perform consistently in a variety of cleaning applications, leaving a polished finish every time.

Adaptable Applications

CLEAN-GRITTM adapts effortlessly to both domestic floors and industrial settings. Because of its adaptability, it can effectively clean a wide range of surfaces without causing unnecessary damage.

It concludes, with the CLEAN-GRIT™ Medium Scrubbing Brush, witness a transformation in your cleaning routine. Embrace efficiency, precision, and durability in every stroke. This brush is meticulously engineered to ensure superior performance, making it the go-to choice for maintaining cleanliness across various surfaces.

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