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Rediscover Peak Performance with Green Klean Replacement Filters & Bags for Pro-Team Vacuums – Unleash the Power of Sustainable Cleaning

Is your Pro-Team vacuum showing signs of reduced suction and power loss? It's time to rejuvenate its performance with Green Klean's replacement vacuum cleaner filters and bags. As an essential component, a clogged and dirty filter not only compromises your vacuum's efficiency but also shortens its lifespan. Green Klean's biodegradable and high-efficiency bags are designed to restore your Pro-Team vacuum's peak performance, ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable cleaning experience.

The Impact of Clogged Filters

Clogged and dirty vacuum cleaner filters are a common cause of poor suction and reduced power. This not only limits the lifespan of your machine but also necessitates frequent filter replacements. Green Klean's replacement bags are engineered to combat these issues, providing optimal performance for your Pro-Team vacuum.

Do you own a Pro-Team vacuum that needs to be fixed? It's time to restore your vacuum's peak performance. It is a simple fact of life that once your vacuum cleaner filter is clogged and dirty, it causes poor suction and a loss of power, which restricts the life of your machine and causes you to go through more filters more quickly. Green Klean's replacement vacuum cleaner bags are the best performance bags since they are constructed of biodegradable materials and operate at efficiencies as low as 99.9% at 1 micron. These filter bags were primarily developed to act as OEM replacements for commercial vacuum bags. They promise to operate at least as well as the original OEM bags, and this has been confirmed with independent testing.

They come in a variety of sizes, and you must pick the one that exactly matches your model in order for your machine to work at its best. Because it fits into the device easily, changing the vacuum cleaner filter is simple. Be it Pro Team Everest, ProTeam Care 15 and 15XP, ProForce, ProTeam ProLux, ProForce 1500 & 1500XP, ProCare 15 & 15XP, ProTeam QuarterVac, Pro Team Sierra & Lil Hummer II, Pro-Team ProGuard, or other varieties from Pro Team; you will find a filter replacement at Uroclean. Due to the steady dust loading that helps sustain suction, Green Klean vacuum bags have an extraordinarily long lifespan. They help you save money because they are economical. They are your all-weather friend and were made with the intention of achieving Green Clean's mission of making cleaning duties pleasurable and uncomplicated. The Green Diamond Warranty covers these vacuum bags.

Increase the performance and lifespan of your Pro-Team vacuum devices by replacing them with premium vacuum filters from Green Klean!

Green Klean after market filter bags, cloth & pleated filters for Pro-Team Vacuums. Superior Quality Replacement Vacuum Bags are specifically designed for Proteam vacuums and are backed by the Green Diamond Warranty.

Pro Team Everest, Hummer XL Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 103191)

Pro Team Pro Care 15 and 15XP, ProForce 1500 and 1500XP High Helix Tuft with additional strips (OEM# 45450, 104216)

Pro Team ProGuard 15/20 wet/dry vacuum replacement vacuum bags (OEM# 107180)

Pro Team ProLux, ProForce 1500 & 1500XP,1200XP, ProCare 15 & 15XP Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 103483, 103484)

Pro Team Quarter Vac, Alpine, ProVac, QuietPro-BP, TailVac, PV100 6 Qt Backpacks Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 100431,450227)

Pro Team Replacement 6 Qt Backpack closed collar Replacement Vacuum bags, H12 Hepa (OEM# 106995)

Pro Team Sierra & Lil Hummer II Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 103227) 10/10 Packs, GK-Sierra

Pro Team Super Coach, Mega Vac & all 10 Qt Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 100331, 450243)

Pro-Team ProGuard 10/15/20 1 layer Pleated Wet/Dry Cartridge Filter with press fit technology

ProTeam GoFree® Flex Pro Cordless and Corded Backpack 10 Qt Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 107313)

ProTeam GoFree® Flex Pro Cordless and Corded Backpack 6 Qt Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 107314)

ProTeam ProClean, QuietPro-CN, Sequoia, RunningVac & Wombat Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 104544, 103189)

ProTeam Quartervac, TailVac, ProVac, QuitePro, Alpine, Aviationvac, PV100 Backpacks 6Qt cloth Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 100564)

ProTeam Replacement Hepa Filter for Super Coach PRO 10Qt & 6Qt backpacks (OEM# 107315) 

ProTeam SuperCoach and MegaVac 10 Qt Backpack Cloth Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 100565) 


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