Pro-Team Replacement Filters & Bags by Green Klean

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Green Klean after market filter bags, cloth & pleated filters for Pro-Team Vacuums. Superior Quality Replacement Vacuum Bags are specifically designed for Proteam vacuums and are backed by the Green Diamond Warranty.

Pro Team Everest, Hummer XL Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 103191)

Pro Team Pro Care 15 and 15XP, ProForce 1500 and 1500XP High Helix Tuft with additional strips (OEM# 45450, 104216)

Pro Team ProGuard 15/20 wet/dry vacuum replacement vacuum bags (OEM# 107180)

Pro Team ProLux, ProForce 1500 & 1500XP,1200XP, ProCare 15 & 15XP Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 103483, 103484)

Pro Team Quarter Vac, Alpine, ProVac, QuietPro-BP, TailVac, PV100 6 Qt Backpacks Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 100431,450227)

Pro Team Replacement 6 Qt Backpack closed collar Replacement Vacuum bags, H12 Hepa (OEM# 106995)

Pro Team Sierra & Lil Hummer II Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 103227) 10/10 Packs, GK-Sierra

Pro Team Super Coach, Mega Vac & all 10 Qt Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 100331, 450243)

Pro-Team ProGuard 10/15/20 1 layer Pleated Wet/Dry Cartridge Filter with press fit technology

ProTeam GoFree® Flex Pro Cordless and Corded Backpack 10 Qt Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 107313)

ProTeam GoFree® Flex Pro Cordless and Corded Backpack 6 Qt Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 107314)

ProTeam ProClean, QuietPro-CN, Sequoia, RunningVac & Wombat Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 104544, 103189)

ProTeam Quartervac, TailVac, ProVac, QuitePro, Alpine, Aviationvac, PV100 Backpacks 6Qt cloth Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 100564)

ProTeam Replacement Hepa Filter for Super Coach PRO 10Qt & 6Qt backpacks (OEM# 107315) 

ProTeam SuperCoach and MegaVac 10 Qt Backpack Cloth Replacement Vacuum bags (OEM# 100565) 


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