Bar-Master® Cleaning Program

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Stearns Bar-Master® Bar Glass Premeasured & Prepackaged Cleaning & Sanitation Program

The Bar-Master® program includes a complete line of products for cleaning and sanitizing bar glasses. All products are packaged in pre-measured packets to create perfect strength solutions. Bar-Master cleaners produce sparkling clean glassware without streaks, odor or residue. More Info

Unlock the Sparkling Power of Stearns Bar-Master Program

Get the perfect finish on your bar glasses with the Bar-Master program from Stearns! Our complete line of products makes cleaning and sanitizing easier than ever. With pre-measured packets, you can create perfect-strength solutions quickly and easily. Get streak-free, odorless, residue-free glasses every time with Bar-Master!

Enjoy crystal clear bar glasses every time with the Bar-Master program's High Suds Glass Cleaner! Our formula is guaranteed to leave your glasses spotless and sparkling with minimal effort and time. As well as being easy to use, it's also available in bulk 4 lb pails and 0.5 wt Oz packets, so you can always have the right amount on hand.

Our Low Suds Glass Cleaner is gentle on your bar glasses. Just fill up your sink with 3 gallons of water and add the contents of the glass cleaner. Minimal sudsing action and excellent rinsing ability provide maximum efficiency and a spotless finish. Perfect for use with electric brushes, they are available in bulk 4 lb pails and 0.5 wt Oz packets to get the job done right.

Bar Master Powdered D-Lime-X Hard powerful Hard Water Conditioner breaks down the mineral deposits that cause water spots on glassware and utensils. With these packets, you can quickly and conveniently add the conditioner to your first and last sinks, ensuring more effective cleaning and sanitizing. Enjoy the convenience of clean glasses without having to towel dry; rinse with clean water and sanitize glasses by immersion for a sparkling finish!

Bar Master's unique Steramine Sanitizer Disinfectant & Deodorizer will sanitize your glassware, utensils, and more with no potable rinse necessary! Just use Bar-Master's packets and let them air dry - it's that easy!

Get Stearns Bar-Master Program Products today for perfect hygiene and hassle-free sanitizing every time! Our fool-proof products take the guesswork out of cleaning and sanitizing glasses.


Stearns Bar-Master® Bar Glass Premeasured & Prepackaged Cleaning & Sanitation Program

  1. WASH - Wash glasses, fill sink with 3 gallons of water. Add contents of one Bar Glass Cleaner. Use ST-765 High Suds Glass Cleaner with manual brushes or ST-766 Low Suds Glass Cleaner with electric brushes.
  2. RINSE - Rinse with clean water. Keep water clear. Change rinse water often.
  3. SANITIZE - Sanitize glasses by immersion. Add the contents of one pouch of ST-767 Steramine Sanitizer per 3 gallons of water for 200 ppm active quaternary.
  4. AIR DRY - Drain until dry. DO NOT TOWEL DRY.

Proper Bar Glass Cleaning:

Proper glass cleaning produces a thick creamy foam head which results in more glasses per barrel adding up to maximum profits. For the cleanest bar glasses, consider the following:

  • Electric brushes offer the most effective cleaning process
  • Never use dish detergents. Many are petroleum-based and will leave an oily film, eliminating foam head
  • Dishwashing machines are not effective because they lack the brushing process and will leave a greasy film
  • Bleaches may sanitize, however they leave offensive odors that will affect the beer taste
  • After sanitizing, place the glasses on the drain board to air dry. Do not towel dry
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