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Stearns Bar-Master® Bar Glass Premeasured & Prepackaged Cleaning & Sanitation Program

The Bar-Master® program includes a complete line of products for cleaning and sanitizing bar glasses. All products are packaged in pre-measured packets to create perfect strength solutions. Bar-Master cleaners produce sparkling clean glassware without streaks, odor or residue. More Info


Stearns Bar-Master® Bar Glass Premeasured & Prepackaged Cleaning & Sanitation Program

  1. WASH - Wash glasses, fill sink with 3 gallons of water. Add contents of one Bar Glass Cleaner. Use ST-765 High Suds Glass Cleaner with manual brushes or ST-766 Low Suds Glass Cleaner with electric brushes.
  2. RINSE - Rinse with clean water. Keep water clear. Change rinse water often.
  3. SANITIZE - Sanitize glasses by immersion. Add the contents of one pouch of ST-767 Steramine Sanitizer per 3 gallons of water for 200 ppm active quaternary.
  4. AIR DRY - Drain until dry. DO NOT TOWEL DRY.

Proper Bar Glass Cleaning:

Proper glass cleaning produces a thick creamy foam head which results in more glasses per barrel adding up to maximum profits. For the cleanest bar glasses, consider the following:

  • Electric brushes offer the most effective cleaning process
  • Never use dish detergents. Many are petroleum-based and will leave an oily film, eliminating foam head
  • Dishwashing machines are not effective because they lack the brushing process and will leave a greasy film
  • Bleaches may sanitize, however they leave offensive odors that will affect the beer taste
  • After sanitizing, place the glasses on the drain board to air dry. Do not towel dry
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