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Spray and Wipe Cleaners from Stearns

The Stearns product line makes sure that you have the best cleaning solution available to remove grease and grime. Designed for heavy-duty scrubbing and degreasing, and penetrating even the toughest of soils, these all-purpose cleaners are safe to use and contain no nasty chemicals. At UnoClean, you will get a variety of Stearns’ heavy-duty cleaners.

One Packs Extra-Strength Cleaner: When you need a heavy-duty cleaner for grease, oils, and grease splatters, use Extra-Strength Cleaner. Extra-Strength Cleaner is a non-flammable, medium-sudsing industrial cleaner and degreaser. This water-based cleaner contains natural solvents, chelating agents, and biodegradable surfactants that remove ink, greases, and oils from a variety of surfaces, including most textiles.

One Packs Multi-Scrub Heavy-Duty Degreaser: This all-purpose cleaner contains di propylene glycol methyl ether, ethanolamines, nonylphenol ethoxylate, coconut alkonalamide, and alcohol and is great for use in shower stalls, machines, and areas prone to oil and grease. It easily removes stubborn stains and filth. It is intended for heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing of floors, walls, tables, chairs, countertops, and other nonporous hard surfaces.

One Packs Jungle Jake Cleaner & Degreaser: Jungle Jake provides thorough cleaning without the use of hazardous chemicals. It is safe to use on all washable surfaces, including metals, plastics, ceramics, fabrics, marble, and cement. Jungle Jake is compatible with a wide range of cleaning tools, including carpet cleaners, pressure spray units, parts cleaners, sprayers, floor scrubbers, and hand washing.

One Packs GS Extra Strength Cleaner Concentrate: GS Extra-Strength Cleaner Concentrate is a non-flammable, medium-sudsing, heavy-duty all-purpose cleaner and degreaser with a surfactant system that is easily biodegradable. This cleaner concentrate is a non-butyl, phosphate-free agent with greater penetration and easy removal of oily soils. It is great for use in garages and machine shops.

To remove oil and grime, look no further than the Stearns heavy-duty cleansers. They have deep penetration and are designed to easily clean the toughest soils.

Heavy-duty, all-purpose cleaners, multi-scrubs and degreasers with superior penetration and removal of greasy soils.

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