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UZ 964 Hip Vac Hip-Style Portable Back Pack Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Hip-Style Portable Back Pack Canister Vacuum Cleaner UZ 964 Sr.
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Hip Style Vacuums: Streamlined Cleaning Power for Enhanced Mobility

Hip Style Vacuums, known for their ergonomic design and exceptional maneuverability, offer an innovative and efficient approach to vacuuming. These lightweight, compact vacuums are worn comfortably around the waist, allowing users the freedom to move effortlessly while maintaining powerful cleaning capabilities.

The most powerful high performance hip style vacuums on the market. Hip-style canister vacuums are ideal for schools, high-traffic areas, churches, hotels, medical facilities, airplanes, food service, and today's cleaning professional. Hip style vacuums with HEPA and ULPA filtration are ideal for those who require extreme durability, exceptional filtration and unparalleled product performance.

D-P Hipster 6-Quart Hip Vacuum Standard Tool Kit

Power and portability are combined in the D-P Hipster Vacuum. Because of its lightweight construction and small size, it can be used as a cleaning solution in a variety of settings. The 6-quart capacity ensures longer cleaning sessions, while the 5-piece standard tool kit provides a range of accessories for diverse cleaning needs. Perfect for spaces where agility and efficiency are paramount.

Super Hipster 6-Quart Hip Vacuum Tool Kit

The Super Hipster Vacuum is unique because of its powerful suction and effective cleaning abilities. With a 6-quart capacity and an adaptable 5-piece tool kit, this vacuum offers improved cleaning results in both residential and commercial environments. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable wear, making it an ideal choice for prolonged cleaning tasks.

HEPA 1.5 HP Hipster 6-Quart Hip Vacuum Tool Kit

In settings where high levels of air quality and filtration are required, the HEPA 1.5 HP Hipster Vacuum is the recommended option. This vacuum boasts a strong 1.5 HP motor and HEPA filtration, which guarantee excellent air filtration and strong suction for a complete clean. The included 5-piece tool kit offers flexibility in various cleaning applications.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Mobility and Comfort: Hip Style Vacuums offer hands-free operation, allowing users to move freely and comfortably, reducing fatigue during extended cleaning sessions
  • Efficient Cleaning: Despite their compact size, these vacuums boast powerful motors and efficient filtration systems for effective and thorough cleaning
  • Versatility: Equipped with a variety of tools and attachments, these vacuums cater to diverse cleaning needs, ranging from carpets and hard floors to upholstery and above-floor surfaces
  • HEPA Filtration (where applicable): The HEPA filtration systems in certain models ensure exceptional air quality by capturing allergens and fine particles, making them suitable for environments with stringent cleanliness requirements


Hip Style Vacuums find applications across a spectrum of environments, from commercial and residential spaces to hotels, offices, and healthcare facilities. Their ergonomic design, combined with robust cleaning capabilities, makes them ideal for users seeking enhanced mobility without compromising on cleaning performance.

In conclusion, Hip Style Vacuums offer a revolutionary approach to cleaning by combining mobility and efficiency. Their ergonomic design, powerful suction, and range of accessories make them versatile and effective tools for various cleaning needs.

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