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Circulation fans from Schaefer

Schaefer circulation fans are devices that circulate the most amount of air with the least amount of noise and energy inside a specified area or place. They are intended to increase air circulation and make the environment more comfortable and healthy.

Schaefer circulation fans are available in a variety of sizes and types, and they are commonly utilized in commercial, industrial, and residential environments.

The Schaefer Versa-Kool Channel-Pole-Mounted And Standard-Pole-Mounted 12" and 20" Circulation Fans are great for tent cooling, heat circulation, and bug deterrence. The all-white fans are quiet and may be mounted on tent-side poles. One 12" tent fan can be used every 15-20 feet. The 20" tent fan is intended for use with larger celebrations and county fair tents.

The Schaefer's 24" Washdown Duty Circulation Fans are OSHA-compliant air circulation fans. They are the ideal solution for moving air effectively and efficiently in work situations with tight hygiene requirements, such as food and beverage processing facilities, kitchens, hospitals, and other clean, corrosive, or humid environments.

The Schaefer 30" OSHA-Compliant Air Circulation Fan provides safety and performance. This is a 2-speed fan that can be mounted on a ceiling, wall, pedestal, or cart. It is the ideal cooling solution for any commercial, industrial, or agricultural facility.

The Schaefer Versa-Kool 36" Air Circulating Fan is a long-lasting and aesthetically beautiful fan with a wide airflow pattern.

The Schaefer Versa-Kool Mobile 42" Air Circulation Fan relieves heat stress and enhances air quality. This Schaefer fan has been developed for heavy-duty use and will last for many years.

Ultimately, Schaefer circulation fans are a straightforward and efficient solution to promote air circulation and create a more comfortable and healthier atmosphere.

Improved air quality, lower energy costs, and better comfort are all advantages of Schaefer circulating fans. They are very beneficial for lowering a room's temperature and humidity levels.

Schaefer circulation fans are designed to move the maximum amount of air with as little of noise and energy as possible.

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