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By enhancing the quality of the air in the confined space, confined space ventilation can aid in the control of dangerous atmospheres. In such situations, there is a risk of low oxygen levels, excessive amounts of hazardous gasses, and the accumulation of combustible vapors or dust. Ventilation can help to regulate hazardous atmospheres and reduce the risk of accidents by delivering fresh air into the confined space and eliminating stale or contaminated air.

The Schaefer Americ Large Capacity Ventilator with a 20" diameter has a powerful 5 hp motor, making it ideal for bigger air-moving applications.

To prevent deadly sparking, the Schaefer Americ 12" Pneumatic Confined Space Ventilator is created with an intrinsically safe and completely enclosed design. It is ideal for confined locations when a powerful ventilator that fulfills strict hazardous space requirements is required.

The Schaefer Americ 12" Industrial Confined Ventilator is designed for confined spaces that require greater airflow. The VAF3000A can deliver both positive and negative airflow at a maximum capacity of 2,796 CFM in the most difficult work environments.

The Schaefer Americ 8" Industrial Restricted Ventilator is ideal for confined spaces like manholes and sewers. This adaptable, portable air ventilator is excellent for light industrial or utility applications.

Duct hoses for the confined space ventilators are available separately.

Duct hoses of 8 in by 25 ft and 12 in by 25 ft are made of flexible, light-duty vinyl and woven polyester. This bag-o-duct is designed to collapse into its own attached carrying bag, holding up to 25' of standard ducting.

The 12 in by 25 ft and 20 in by 25 ft duct hoses for the VAF series are made of flexible, light-duty vinyl and woven polyester. The duct may be readily retracted and is designed to handle enormous quantities of air at low pressure.

Schaefer produces fans and blowers specifically built for compact locations to keep workers safe and provide excellent ventilation.

Confined space ventilation is one of the most effective means of controlling hazardous atmospheres in restricted spaces. Schaefer manufactures fans and blowers designed specifically for tight spaces to keep workers safe and promote good ventilation.

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