Sandia Backpack & Upright Vacuums

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Sandia Backpack and Upright Vacuums for Professional Grade Cleaning

Experience effortless vacuuming with the Raven Backpack Vacuum Series from Sandia! Our lightweight design and ergonomic shoulder straps make vacuuming easier than ever before. Plus, selected models come with a 5-piece toolkit and HEPA filtration for maximum performance.

Aviation Backpack Vacuums with powerful suction and high CFM airflow makes them a game-changer for airplane cleaning. Enjoy the comfort of a lightweight, ergonomic design and easy maneuverability.

Avenger Raven 6-Quart Backpack Vacuums are equipped with a cushioned back pad that comfortably fits the operator's back and a twist-top lid with a static-dissipating vacuum hose and swivels cuff for right- and left-handed operation.

Whisper Raven Backpack Vacuums with interchangeable lids provide more power to remove stubborn dirt and debris on hard surfaces, carpets, and upholstery.

HEPA Raven Backpack Vacuums use the latest HEPA filtration technology to give you a deep and thorough clean that's perfect for sensitive jobs.

Super Raven Backpack Vacuums are designed for maximum efficiency, making them perfect for residential or commercial use. The easy-to-reach on/off Power Switch and a 50-foot-long safety power cord make cleaning a breeze.

The Force 14 Upright Vacuum with a 12-amp motor and 74.8 inches of lift is perfect for carpets, rugs, and hard floors.

Vacuuming carpets, hard floors, and upholstery are hassle-free with the 6-Quart Hipster Vacuum.

D-P Hipster 6-Quart Hip Vacuum features a patented noise-suppressing exhaust chamber for quiet operation. It is lightweight and comes with a four-way belt tensioner for maximum adjustability and comfort.

Super Hipster 6-Quart Hip Vacuums with unbreakable stainless-steel latches, an impact-proof polyethylene body, and a 1.5-inch industrial hose will last for years.

The HEPA Hipster 6-Quart Hip Vacuum ensures soils are collected, leaving exhaust air cleaner with its disposable, heavy-duty paper micro-bag and washable cloth shakeout bag.

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