Poly Bushel Trucks & Carts by R&B Wire

Poly Bushel Trucks & Carts by R&B Wire

The bushel trucks from R&B Wire Products are ergonomically designed to eliminate stooping and bending and give you efficient loading and unloading. They feature a heavy-duty poly tub that is rugged and can be easily cleaned. The cart's top rim soft vinyl bumper provides 360-degree protection for walls, doors, and equipment and ensures your facility is not damaged during collisions and contacts. The nominal wall thickness of the tub is 0.225," which means that it is ready for the toughest of jobs. They are available in various sizes and colors.

The tubs are attached to a heavy-duty zinc-plated tubular base with stainless steel hardware or to a roto base per their design. The rubber washers seal the tub and make them leakproof. They are equipped with R&B's proprietary 5" Clean Wheel System - the only caster that prevents lint and thread pickup.

The laundry needs of any facility will be efficiently met by the bushel laundry trucks. They can be used to transport laundry baskets or bags of laundry between the washing machines and dryers and to transport clean laundry to storage. The four wheels of the carts give it mobility and allow the cart to be pushed or pulled by the handler from one location to another. They typically have a large, flat base for holding laundry baskets or bags.

The general-purpose bushel trucks also find utility in a variety of settings. Merchants also use them at outdoor markets to transport goods to and from their stalls. They might be used in warehouses, factories, or other industrial settings to move materials from one location to another. They may also be used in supermarkets, grocery stores, or other retail establishments to transport goods from storage areas to the sales floor. The bushel trucks from R&B are small, lightweight, and easy to maneuver, making them well-suited for transporting small quantities of goods over short distances.

Transport your laundry and goods with ease in your facility with the easy-to-maneuver bushel trucks from R&B Wire Products.

Small to large bushel capacity poly trucks and carts from R&B Wire to match your laundry needs in your facility. R&B Wire Products has been manufacturing wire, tubular and steel related laundry products serving a variety of industries for over 65 years.

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