Health Care Products by R&B Wire

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Healthcare Products from R&B Wire

Healthcare facilities are constantly under pressure to save costs, boost productivity, and maintain the highest standard of service. R&B is fully aware of this, which is why our engineers create healthcare products that will make life simple and efficient for patients and medical staff. From glove dispensers for doctor’s offices, privacy screens for hospitals, and blanket cradles for nursing homes, to medical/BP baskets for pharmacies, we have medical equipment to suit everyone’s needs.

R&B Wire glove box dispensers are perfect for use in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and many other locations that require disposable gloves. They are composed of tough gauge steel wire with a powder coating that makes them sturdy and easy to clean. These easy-access glove box dispensers are available in single, double, or triple sizes, with side loading in each configuration.

The patients and residents prone to toe ulcers and who feel pain from the weight of bed covers can benefit from the blanket cradles. They serve as a convenient place to store the blanket and remove constant pressure on the feet.

Keeping various medical stuff organized is simple with R&B Medical Baskets. They are open, and things stored in them are easily accessible. They are easy to maintain and built with heavy-duty materials, making them robust.

Privacy screens are a great solution when you need a quick and easy way to make a private area. They are easy to install and lightweight. These adaptable, space-saving barriers are simple to maintain as well. You can select the privacy screen that best suits the requirements of your doctor's office, hospital, patient room, senior community center, or nursing home, from R&B's variety of wall-mounted privacy screens to portable 3-panel privacy screens in various fabrics, including antimicrobial.

Make your life easier with healthcare products designed by R&B Wire. From premium glove box dispensers, blanket cradles, and medical baskets to privacy screens, we have it all!

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