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Non-Marking Poly and Vinyl Bumper Trucks From R&B Wire to Take Care of Your Transportation Needs

R&B Wire is a manufacturer and exporter of high-quality poly and vinyl bumper trucks. Crafted with the finest quality poly and vinyl materials, the trucks are available in multiple colors and sizes to meet every need.

Easily transport bulky loads like soiled linen, bagged waste, janitorial supplies, and more using R&B Wire Products Non-Marking Poly Bumper Trucks. With a top-rim soft vinyl bumper, these trucks offer 360-degree protection for walls, doors, and equipment. R&B Wire laundry bumper trucks with a lightweight 1.5 inches durable wall poly base offer outstanding durability. The smoother interiors are easy to clean, and the durable roto base will help maximize the payload. Industrial grade casters with non-marking polyurethane tires make moving them from one place to another easy. The 6-bushel to 20-bushel bumper trucks are available in white, gray, red, green, lime green, blue, navy blue, orange, yellow and black colors.

R&B Wire Products Vinyl Bumper Trucks are made of top-quality materials to ensure long-term durability. The basket trucks with 18 oz vinyl liners have a double-layer black top rim. They are strong enough to endure normal wear and tear thanks to their zinc-plated steel tube base and frame. These flame-resistant basket trucks are also mold, mildew, and UV resistant. The fully stitched (rather than riveted) framework offers a longer lifespan, and the smooth surface is simple to clean. They lessen damage to walls and machinery by having rounded corners and a soft air cushion bumper. The innovative clean wheel SystemTM casters deflect hair, lint, and debris. You can pick from the vinyl and tantalizing color options available. These vinyl basket trucks are useful for laundry, housekeeping, materials, janitorial procedures, and other general transport and storage needs.

High-quality Poly and Vinyl Bumper Trucks built with the most up-to-date technology and comprehensive equipment are available from R&B Wire to meet your transportation needs without hassle.

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