Garment Racks by R&B Wire

Garment Storage Racks from R&B Wire Products

Do you want to store your clothing as efficiently as possible? To satisfy your requirement for clothing storage, use the garment storage rack from R&B Wire Products. These rolling clothes racks are made of strong, lightweight materials and are designed for commercial use. They are capable of supporting large loads of garments without bending or breaking. These commercial garment racks come in various sizes and combinations.

Whatever type of institution you run, rolling garment racks are the finest option for moving and storing hanging clothing for staff, patients, or clients. They provide you with convenience, flexibility, and functional diversity. The garment racks from R&B Wire are strong enough for any situation because they are constructed from premium materials and are engineered to maximize storage space without creasing clothing. Sleek and stylish, these racks are constructed of heavy-duty steel tubes and feature a sturdy, beautiful chrome finish. The racks have high-performance and long-lasting Clean Wheel System casters, which include polyurethane tires that don't leave marks. These non-marking casters allow for smooth rolling and convenient transporting along carpets, tiles, and wooden floors. R&B offers a wide selection of superior garment racks, including single and double bar racks, to meet all your storage needs for apparel.

The largest single garment rack designed for commercial use has a weight capacity of 175 pounds. Selecting a cover for your garment rack may protect your clothes from moisture, dirt, and dust. This is the perfect solution for any business that wishes to protect garments from the elements. The covers are available in a variety of colors. All R&B Wire garment racks are built to last and made in the USA. Get the complete solution for your garment storage from R&B Wire.

For all your clothing storage needs, choose from R&B's full array of premium garment racks, including single, double, and Z-racks.

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