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Barrier System Accessories from Banner Stakes

Banner Stakes Barrier Systems are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, accidental impacts, and prolonged exposure to sunlight. If you find a part to be worn out or damaged, you do not have to buy a new system. Just that component of the Banner Stakes Systems can be replaced, and you will have a barrier system that is as good as new. These accessories include wall mount kits, red strobe lights, suction cups, head connectors, Plus banner heads, and other parts specific to the Banner Stakes brand of stake systems.

The Banner Stakes website has all of the accessories you may possibly need for your system. These components are also available from UnoClean. These are developed and built to the same specifications as the original parts, ensuring correct fit and performance with the Banner Stakes barrier systems.

Wall Mount Kit: The Banner Stakes Plus Wall Mount Kit is perfect for aisles, corridors, and hallways, among other places. This wall mount unit connects quickly to any wall or surface without the use of a stanchion. Not only does it save floor space, but you also save money.

Strobe Light Kit: The 30-foot banner's MH5120 Red Strobe Light kit and the 7-foot banner's MH7120 Red Strobe Light kit attach to the top of their respective magnetic wall mount barriers. They improve the visibility of the safety barrier while lowering the risk of potential hazards.

Suction Cups: The suction cups for the 7-foot and 30-foot magnetic wall mount barriers allow the magnetic barriers to be mounted on non-magnetic surfaces such as metal, stainless steel, glass, wood, and plastic.

Head Connector: The 30-foot Plus Banner Head Connection aids in the attachment of the Plus Banner Head to the 30-foot magnetic wall mount banner, while the 7-foot Plus Banner Head Connector aids in the attachment of the Plus Banner Head to the 7-foot magnetic wall mount banner.

By using Banner Stakes’ accessories and replacements, you can ensure that your barrier systems and signs remain in place and work effectively, and that their message is visible to the public.

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