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Banner Plus Bases from Banner Stakes

Banner Stakes Plus is a movable barrier system that aids in crowd control and occupational safety. The Banner base is an important part of this system since it offers stability and support for the retractable banner tape. The low profile of the black base effortlessly accentuates the appearance of the banner system.

It is built to last and is composed of high-quality materials, including rust-proof polycarbonate that can handle normal wear and tear. The weighted base provides stability and keeps the retractable banner tape from tipping over. The base can hold up to 18 pounds of water or 25 pounds of sand. It has a non-slip surface to keep it from sliding on flat surfaces. Banner Plus bases may be stacked one on top of the other, making them easy to store and carry. These can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Several Banner Stakes products are compatible with the Banner Plus base. The Banner base is intended to be used in conjunction with other Banner Stakes products, such as the retractable banner tape and stanchion posts. It comes with a carrying handle for convenience. Banner bases can be personalized with company logos and phrases, allowing for additional brand exposure. Banner Plus bases are available in singles and 5-packs.

Banner Plus bases are used to display banners in a number of settings. They are commonly used for outdoor events like festivals, fairs, and sporting events, as well as indoor venues like trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions.

The Plus Banner base from Banner Stakes is a long-lasting, robust, and adaptable component of the Plus portable barrier system, making it a perfect choice for managing crowd flow and worker safety in a range of locations.

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