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Canister vacuums from ProTeam

A canister vacuum is a vacuum cleaner with two main components: a primary unit, the canister itself, and a detachable cleaning hose and wand. The canister, which is commonly positioned on wheels, houses the vacuum's motor, dust bin, and other components. The hose and wand are used to clean a variety of surfaces. Canister vacuum cleaners are more adaptable and powerful than upright vacuum cleaners. They are suitable for use on hard floors, carpets, and other surfaces.

Because the weight is shared between the canister and the powerhead, canisters are easier to move around than upright vacuums. This is especially helpful if you live in a multi-story home and need to clean the stairs. You are not required to raise the entire vacuum. Simply use the hose and wand to reach your desired regions. A variety of canister vacuums from ProTeam are available at UnoClean.

The ProGuard 4 portable wet/dry vacuum cleaner is powerful and versatile. It is an excellent emergency spill cleanup. It specializes in detail cleaning and portable job site maintenance. There is no better option for wet/dry vacuum performance in a portable design. It comes with a 10-foot vacuum hose, a two-piece wand, a master floor tool with carpet, bristle, squeegee tool inserts, a crevice tool, a dust brush, and a claw nozzle.

The ProGuard 10 wet/dry vacuum is built to last and performs admirably. Even under extreme conditions, the ProTeam ProGuard 10 continues to function. The heavy-duty, two-stage motor is its main selling point. This kit includes commercial-grade tools and a hose.

Power and versatility are combined with innovation in the ProGuard 15 and 20 wet/dry vacuums. Maneuverability and productivity are improved by modifying the wheel layout. At the same time, it delivers the performance, filtration, and durability you'd expect from a ProTeam vacuum.

Canister vacuums from ProTeam are versatile, powerful, and portable cleaning tools. They clean more areas in less time. Some canister vacuums can be used as wet/dry vacuums that can handle liquids.

ProTeam the Vacuum Company® manufactures ergonomic commercial backpack vacuums, canisters, and HEPA vacuums designed to clean more area in less time. It's about having the Right Tool for the Right Job.

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