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Hip-Style Vacuums from ProTeam

Hip-style vacuums from ProTeam allow for greater mobility. The vacuum's shape allows for a more comfortable fit across the hip, making it easier to move around and navigate in small places. The vacuum's design distributes weight equally across the hips and shoulders, reducing strain on the arms and hands. This vacuum's motor is more powerful than a regular upright vacuum, resulting in improved suction and cleaning ability. Because the vacuum is worn on the back, the user has both hands free to utilize the hose and attachments. This results in a more effective cleaning experience. Hip-style vacuums are excellent for a wide range of cleaning chores and can be utilized in commercial and domestic settings.

The ProTeam TailVac is constructed of high-quality materials intended to withstand years of heavy use. It is lightweight and easy to wear and maneuver. The ergonomic design distributes weight evenly across the hips and shoulders and reduces strain on the arms and hands. You may easily carry it by its strong, sturdy handle or sling it over your shoulder. Its robust motor delivers great suction and cleaning performance. It features a big-capacity filter bag, so you can vacuum for a long time before changing the bag. You can quickly clean the hose and attachments. By doing so regularly, you can maintain the vacuum's suction force and extend the filter's life. The TailVac is appropriate for various cleaning chores and may be utilized in commercial, industrial, and domestic environments.

The ergonomically designed hip-style ProTeam TailVac will provide excellent performance and easy mobility, making cleaning duties a breeze. You will find great results with the TailVac in commercial, industrial, and residential settings.

The ProTeam TailVac is a powerful lightweight hip style vacuum. This powerful waist style vacuum is great for tough jobs and perfect for quick cleaning or detail jobs. Plus, you can wear it around your waist, carry it by the heavy duty handle or sling it over your shoulder for easy maneuverability.

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