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ProBlade Backpack Vacuums from ProTeam

ProTeam is a commercial and industrial cleaning equipment manufacturer. It has created a line of vacuum cleaners for diverse applications. It provides a line of ProBlade tools for use with vacuum cleaners.

The ProBlade Floor Tool from ProTeam is designed for use with commercial or industrial vacuum cleaners. It is ideal for use with the Super Coach Pro and GoFree Flex Pro Backpack Vacuums. You can clean hard surfaces, including tiles, concrete, and wood, with excellent results. The ProBlade Floor Tool has a large cleaning path and a sturdy, high-quality build designed to last in professional environments. By distributing suction evenly across its width, the tool gives you more efficient debris pickup. Giving you improved ergonomics and a setup that boosts your vacuuming efficiency, it increases worker productivity and reduces fatigue. It is the best tool for removing dirt, debris, and other types of buildup from floors in commercial and industrial settings.

The ProBlade Carpet Tool can clean low to medium-pile carpets along baseboards. This tool's key advantage is that it can successfully remove dirt, debris, and other buildups from carpets, leaving them clean and revitalized. The ProBlade Carpet Tool has a large cleaning path and a sturdy, high-quality build built to last in commercial settings. The tool's design enhances airflow and suction, which can aid in the removal of dirt and debris. This tool has an adjustable height feature. You can adjust the height according to the different carpet thicknesses. It can help lessen the strain on the vacuum cleaner and extend the carpet's life.

The ProTeam Telescoping Kit is a set of poles used to increase the reach of ProTeam's ProBlade equipment. The poles are designed to connect to the ProBlade tools. They can be adjusted to different lengths depending on the job. Cleaning high places such as ceilings, fans, and light fixtures are now easy. Besides, you can also reach hard-to-reach areas such as corners and under furniture.

Add the ProBlade Tools from ProTeam to your commercial and industrial vacuums to enhance efficiency. The ProBlade floor tool and ProBlade carpet tool will give excellent results in commercial settings.

ProBlade reaches further than any floor tool before! The ProBlade features improved ergonomics and a more intuitive setup to boost your vacuuming efficiency. The ProBlade Floor Tools distributes suction evenly across its width for more efficient debris pickup. Paired with the compact Super Coach Pro & GoFree Flex Pro Backpack Vacuums, the ProBlade Floor Tools increases worker productivity and reduces fatigue. The ProBlade is offered with a carpet tool to clean low to medium pile carpets along baseboards, and a hard surface floor tool to clean along walls and ceilings.

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