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ProBlade Hard Surface Floor Tool
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ProBlade Hard Surface Floor Tool

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Item Description:

ProBlade Hard Surface Floor Tool

With the improved ergonomics and a more intuitive setup, the ProBlade hard surface floor tool boost vacuum efficiency and worker satisfaction. The ProBlade floor tool distributes suction evenly across its width for more efficient debris pickup. Add the right tool to your vacuum and produce even better results for your cleaning application. For use with straight telescoping wand (107529) only.

When used with the straight telescoping wand, the user twists at the hips, making minimal upper body movements and using less energy while vacuuming.


  • Effective Pickup - Airflow distributes evenly across the width of the tool
  • Ease of Use - Ergonomic motion covers ground quickly
  • Low Profile - Quickly cleans under and around obstacles
  • Lightweight - Reaches high places with ease

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   4.0 / 5 • 3 reviews

by on January 13, 2019

Ordering replacements for all 6 of my vacuums. The ease of use and functionality is amazing but the weak plastic mode WILL break on you after just a few months of daily use. Proteam says it has a lifetime replacement but after fussing and fighting for the last 4 months trying to get replacements and not having any luck... here I am buying new ones. My cleaning teams LOVE them! And they do cut your time in half using them. I guess it's a necessary evil. But hey, it's the cost of doing business. I just hope these last longer than 3-4 months.

by on February 16, 2018

Makes cleaning a lot easier, and since its pointed straight you can get hard to reach places without moving objects!

by on January 19, 2018

Seems to be well built. Suction with the proteam fs6 is great. I dont have much time on it yet, but it picks up pretty well on the first pass for most stuff. It is intuitively flexible. I will be using it overhead as well, and my only observation is that in my opinion if the tail end side or back side of the tool that is contact with the ground were just a tad longer it would help the tool flatten against overhead surfaces better. Just A little nitpick not worth losing a star over. Try it! Kevin Blue moon window cleaning san diego.

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