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The ProBlitz air mover is a cleaning equipment frequently referred to as a carpet dryer. It is used to dry damp surfaces like carpets, floors, and walls. They are often used with wet vacuums and squeegees to remove water and moisture from cleaned surfaces.

ProBlitz air movers are powerful and efficient, using high-velocity fans to blow significant amounts of air across a surface, allowing water and moisture to evaporate more quickly. They are utilized in the building, restoration, and cleaning industries. They are available in various versions with varying characteristics, such as variable speed controls, stackable design, and variable airflow settings. These features make them adaptable and appropriate for a variety of jobs.

Carpet cleaners and repair technicians prefer ProBlitz AirMover because the powerful 2200 CFM airflow quickly and completely dries carpets and floors. This powerful drying tool's low amp draw performs without sacrificing airflow. It also includes three fan speeds and three operational settings. These settings allow you quickly fulfill any air circulation requirement. They offer motor mount isolation that reduces noise and vibration during operation. The non-marking foot bumpers provide stability while in use. You can vertically stack one over the other for easy storage. With a 30-foot power cord, you can access difficult-to-reach spots. They are lightweight and portable. The ProBlitz XP has soft-ride wheels and a retractable handle for convenient portability.

This air mover performs admirably in all air-mover applications, such as carpet drying, disaster restoration, general air circulation, hard floor care, and general air movement.

Use the powerful ProBlitz air mover to dry quickly and make your floor surfaces safe for walking.

ProTeam Air Movers combine maximum airflow and low amp draw to make the ProBlitz air mover by ProTeam the first choice for Carpet Cleaners and Restoration Contractors alike.

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