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Channellock Tape Measures for Accurate Measurements

Get accurate measurements every time with Channellock Tape Measures! From DIY projects to professional construction sites, these reliable and durable devices are your go-to measuring solution.

Upgrade your toolbox with Channellock Tape Measure! The high-quality chrome case is comfortable to hold, making measuring easy and convenient. Plus, the powerful internal mechanism and push-button lock provide smooth operation, and the nylon-coated blade with a 3-rivet end hook keeps it durable while you work. With an integrated belt clip on the back of the case, you'll never have to search for your tape measure again!

Get your hands on accuracy and precision with Channellock Professional Tape Measure! With its heavy-duty nylon-coated blade, two color push-button lock with power return, you get the flexibility to measure any distance with the utmost ease. Its integrated belt clip and dual-end hook design allow you to carry it around comfortably. This tape measure has a large magnetic, flared dual-end hook with 4-rivet construction.

Take measurements like a pro with the Channellock Steel Reel Tape Measure! This 100 ft. closed-case steel tape measure is perfect for any job, featuring an ergonomic rubber-grip case with a folding rewind handle, a nylon-coated blade printed in feet, and a multi-use end hook for different applications.

Open-Reel Fiberglass Tape from Channellock is the most reliable tool for tough measuring jobs! Our heavy-duty housing and crank handle makes it easy to accurately measure distances in feet/inch or feet/tenths. Its ground state snaps into the case for total protection. Plus, our double-coated corrosion-resistant fiberglass will not stretch or tear, meaning you can use it for years to come! Moreover, it comes with a multi-purpose end hook for a variety of applications.

Do not settle for inaccurate measurements - get Channellock Tape Measures and get it right the first time!

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