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Exceptional Striking Tools from Channellock

Make your home improvement projects a breeze with Channellock's Striking Tools! These durable tools are built to last and offer superior performance with every use.

Channellock's Double-Faced Sledge Hammer forged from hardened and tempered carbon steel offers superior strength. Combined with the gray-painted finish and dual-injected fiberglass handle, it provides greater comfort and grip.

Ready to increase your splitting power? Channellock Rapid Maul with its extra angle and shape produces more force for each swing.

Truper Maul from Channellock is forged from high-quality carbon steel and the full ground cutting edge ensures precise and powerful performance.

Channellock Maul is forged from high-quality carbon steel, hardened, and tempered for maximum strength and durability. The cutting edge is full ground for precise performance with a 35-inch comfortable dual-injected fiberglass handle.

The Channellock Camper Axe is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. This axe is heat-treated for maximum durability with full ground edges for maximum efficiency. With a 12-inch dual-injected fiberglass handle, it is the perfect tool for any camping trip.

Upgrade your gardening game with the Truper Clay Pick! Our pick is made from high-quality carbon steel, hardened and tempered for maximum durability to guarantee it can handle any job.

Channellock Cutter Mattock and Pick Mattock are built tough to provide you with superior durability, performance, and comfort. Featuring a hardened carbon steel head and a dual-injected fiberglass handle, it is a good balance of strength, grip, and comfort.

Need a heavy-duty hammer that packs a punch? The Peen Hammer from Channellock featuring a head forged from high-quality carbon steel and a dual-injected fiberglass handle is perfect for any job, big or small.

Channellock Drilling hammer is built for strength and durability. With a gray painted finish and a polished face, it looks as good as it performs.

Channellock’s Precision Striking Tools are designed to give you the best results from your projects, from the initial planning stages to the final touches.

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