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Work Stands from Channellock

The Channellock Single Roller Stand is designed for supporting materials such as sheets of wood, metal, or other materials during fabrication or cutting processes. It consists of a single vertical support with a roller at the top that allows the supported material to move smoothly over it. The single roller stand is ideal for use in workshops, job sites, and other areas where materials must be easily moved and manipulated.

A solid base prevents the work stand from toppling over, which is especially important while working with heavy tools or materials. The flexibility to change the workstand's height to 43 inches allows for a relaxed working posture. It allows for the incorporation of various tasks and materials. Lightweight and compact, it can be transported easily to other locations. This work stand is composed of high-quality materials and can handle frequent use and large weights of up to 250 lbs. It is versatile and practical because it can be used for various tasks such as cutting, drilling, sanding, and painting. A sturdy and secure fastening system with a simple lock grip secures materials, allowing for safer and more efficient operation. It folds up for easy storage at the end of the day.

The Channellock Tri-Function Roller Stand offers all of the benefits of the single roller stand plus a precision ball-bearing roller. It aids in the reduction of friction and supports radial and axial loads. Ball bearings enable smooth and efficient rolling motion, resulting in improved performance and a longer lifespan.

Channellock's Work Stands feature an adjustable height to fit a variety of materials and tasks. Because of its mobility, stability, and ease of use, it is a popular choice for DIY projects and professional applications.

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