Sanitor FH33BL NeatSeat® Disposable Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser - Black Metal
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NeatSeat Disposable Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser - Black Metal

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  • Manufacturer:Sanitor
  • Product Type:Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser
  • Size:12.25" x 16.625" x 1.75"
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Item Description:

Sanitor Neatseat Disposable Toilet Seat Covers & Dispensers

Environmentally friendly: completely water soluble, safe for all plumbing systems.

This is the revolutionary disposable toilet seat cover system that satisfies the public's concerns with restroom cleanliness and personal hygiene. And it makes maintaining those restrooms much easier and more cost-efficient.

  • Promotes good health: provides a complete and sanitary physical barrier
  • Easy: dispenses one at a time - ready to use
  • No tugging, tearing or unfolding required. Goes from the dispenser to the toilet seat with no extra effort
  • Clean: center die cut section automatically pulls the NeatSeat cover down the drain when the toilet is flushed

Model FH33-Available in Type 302 stainless steel, polished or brushed chrome, or baked enamel finish. Enamel finish available in white or beige. Capacity: 250 Sanitor seat covers-refillable before empty. Utilizes ejector mechanism for single cover dispensing. Snap lock and mounting screws included.

Installation: Backs are drilled with a hole pattern that allows screws to anchor into solid substructure. Dispensers are also available with special double-coated foam tape, which adheres to any clean, dry surface including plaster, wood, metal, concrete or ceramic tile.   Foam tape mounts in seconds without tools or screws.

Employees, customers and guests care about cleanliness and hygiene. Aren’t we all concerned about germs? People who must share toilet facilities with others have an unspoken desire to avoid contact with this potential source of germs and bacteria. That’s why you'll find NeatSeat disposable toilet seat covers in a growing number of restrooms, worldwide.

Boost your image as you reduce maintenance costs.

NeatSeat disposable toilet seat covers not only provide a physical barrier between restroom users and germs, they:

  • Build a positive image for your facility
  • Keep restrooms cleaner by eliminating the need for improvised toilet seat covers
  • Prevent drain clogs caused by improvised covers made from paper towels and wads of toilet tissue

All this, and a durable, attractive, scientifically designed dispenser

Sanitor Neatseat Disposable Toilet Seat Covers & Dispensers

NeatSeat dispensers are sleek, low-profile, scientifically designed dispensers that are guaranteed for life.

  • Simple to load
  • It holds two full pads of NeatSeat disposable toilet seat covers
  • The dispenser can be refilled before its empty
  • Dispenses one cover, ready to use, at the push of the antimicrobial lever
  • Durable, all metal construction
  • Available in six designer colors and finishes to complement any decor

Frequently Asked Questions

What are NeatSeat covers made from?

All NeatSeat covers and cut from lightweight, machine glazed, white tissue paper.

Will they clog our drains?

No. NeatSeat covers are completely water soluble and self-disposing. They will pull themselves down the drain when the toilet is flushed.

Will they cover any size toilet seat?

NeatSeat covers measure 15-1/2" x 16-1/2". Big enough to cover virtually all standard toilet seats.

Do I have to touch the toilet seat to use a NeatSeat toilet seat cover?

No. NeatSeat covers are dispensed one at a time, completely flat and unfolded with no tabs to tear. Simply lay the cover on the seat and flush as usual.

Do we really need protection from toilet seats?

For years studies have indicated that germs and bacteria do survive on toilet seats for as long as four hours. While an infection from such indirect means is rare it can certainly happen. The point is not which diseases can I catch; the point is people just are not comfortable sitting on a public toilet seat.

What if the toilet seat is wet?

Disposable toilet seat covers are not magical. They are made from tissue paper and will absorb any liquid on the seat. Consider yourself lucky you didn’t sit down and simply flush it away and start with a dry seat.

What do NeatSeat Covers cost?

In actually – very little. For the most part, the only people would will take use a toilet seat cover are the people who are already improvising their own. The savings in wasted toilet paper and paper towels will be sufficient to offset the cost.

My employees want me to provide toilet seat covers. What’s the benefit to the Company?

It comes under the heading of industrial and commercial progress. You’d be simply modernizing your restrooms while bringing your companies health and hygiene program up-to-date for your employees, customers and guests.

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