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With EDIC's vacuum cleaners, you can clean like an expert! Our premium vacuums are engineered to provide high suction and exceptional deep cleaning performance, giving you the maximum in convenience and dependability. EDIC provides the appropriate vacuum for you, whether you're a professional cleaner or just seeking an efficient home cleaning option.

EDIC produces the Atlas lightweight commercial series of backpack vacuums in 6 and 10-quart capacities, as well as a HEPA variant for ergonomic cleaning. Atlas is small enough for everyone to carry! The ergonomically designed chest and hip straps provide a secure fit for any size operator. This unit is quieter than most due to its unique airflow design. For added comfort, the baffled exhaust vents out the back, away from the operator. The bag has a strong plastic rim around the top for an airtight closure, and the seams are sonically welded. As a result, there is more dust retention and a longer filtration cycle.

Unoclean carries the EDIC 365AC Atlas Industrial Tool Kit. It includes the 11" combo floor tool, telescopic wand - chrome, curved wand handle with swivel connection, 13" crevice tool, rectangular dust brush, 5" upholstery tool, and slide-on brush.

The Dynamo series of wet/dry vacuums are manufactured by EDIC. The dynamo vacuums are available with either stainless steel or polypropylene housing. They are available in 5, 12, and 20-gallon sizes to satisfy your facility's immense needs. These wet/dry vacuums have the power and capacity to handle difficult chores, and they are so quiet that you can use them anywhere without disturbing the work environment. The 12-gallon vacuum combines enormous capacity with portability and storage convenience.

The 1.5" front mount squeegee for use with Dynamo 12W and 12WS and the 1.5" front mount floor squeegee that fits the Dynamo Series 20-gallon wet/dry vacuums are available at Unoclean.

Prepare to experience a whole new level of cleanliness! You can choose from a wide range of vacuum cleaners at EDIC, from lightweight backpack vacuums to wet/dry vacuums for all your industrial and commercial cleaning needs.

EDIC offers a full line of vacuum cleaners to meet your needs: from lightweight backpack vacuums to wet/dry vacuums for all your industrial and commercial cleaning jobs.

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