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Tile and Grout Cleaning Machines from EDIC

EDIC tile and grout cleaning machines and tools for professionals provide unprecedented cleaning efficiency when cleaning tile and grout in restrooms, kitchens, entryways, and other public facilities areas.

The Counter-Strike Surface Disinfection System is a compact, powerful package that allows the operator to quickly apply disinfecting chemicals in a fine mist to numerous surfaces and touch points in practically any place.

Mr. Gun by EDIC is a commercial-grade strong misting gun with a 50-micron VMD atomizing spray tip for fast applying disinfectants to various surfaces in public buildings and public areas.

The Endeavor Multi-Purpose Extractor is a high-performance, dual-vacuum, multi-purpose box extractor designed to help you clean faster than ever. Casters are mounted near the handle, and ramps incorporated into the mold allow you to roll the machine into the vehicle.

The CR2 Restroom Cleaning System allows you to clean without touching anything. This machine combines a pressure washer and a powerful vacuum system to remove dirt and grime from porous surfaces and hard-to-reach regions around urinals.

The Revolution Tile & Grout Cleaning Tool is remarkably smooth to use, gliding smoothly across the floor and reducing operator fatigue. It works on uneven surfaces like grouted tile as well as smooth surfaces like concrete.

The Counter-Top Revolution Tile and Grout Cleaning Tool represent the most recent advancement in detailing technology. Its pointed front end makes it easy to clean vertical and horizontal surfaces, floors, and wall corners.

The 9000AC High-Pressure Spray Pistol is a touchless bathroom cleaning system high-pressure gun applicator. It works best at 500-1200 PSI.

The Aluminum Squeegee Wand can be attached to any extractor with a 1.5" diameter to clean hard floor areas thoroughly.

EDIC's professional-grade cleaner cleans tile and grout in a flash! By using powerful, efficient cleaning technology, you can swiftly and easily remove the toughest dirt, grease, and grime from your surfaces.

EDIC tile & grout cleaning machines and tools for professionals when cleaning tile and grout in restrooms, kitchens, entry ways, and other areas in public facilities.

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