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EDIC box extractors are carpet-cleaning machines that are highly effective in removing dirt and stains. They are often used for commercial and industrial carpet cleaning and are known for their ability to deep clean carpets thoroughly and effectively.

The new Bravo carpet spotter is highly powerful and efficient. This compact machine is ideal for detecting and cleaning small carpeted areas, upholstery, and vehicle interiors.

Experience the pinnacle of cleaning efficiency and versatility with EDIC's range of Box Extractors, designed to revolutionize automotive detailing. From the Bravo Carpet Spotter to the Galaxy 5 Automotive Box Extractor and the Endeavor Multi-Purpose Box Extractor with Heat, these machines are engineered to deliver unparalleled performance.

Bravo Carpet Spotter

The Bravo Carpet Spotter is a game-changer in automotive cleaning. Compact yet powerful, this extractor efficiently tackles tough stains and spills on vehicle carpets and upholstery. Its advanced technology ensures deep cleaning while maintaining the fabric's integrity. Equipped with precision tools, the Bravo Carpet Spotter ensures thorough cleaning, leaving interiors immaculate.

Galaxy 5 Automotive Box Extractor

The Galaxy 5 Automotive Box Extractor sets a new standard in automotive cleaning equipment. With its high-capacity tanks and powerful suction, this machine effortlessly removes embedded dirt and grime from vehicle carpets and upholstery. The advanced extraction technology ensures superior water recovery, reducing drying time and enhancing overall efficiency.

Endeavor Multi-Purpose Box Extractor with Heat

EDIC's Endeavor Multi-Purpose Box Extractor with Heat offers versatility and power for a wide range of automotive cleaning tasks. Engineered with built-in heat technology, this extractor effectively removes stubborn stains while providing exceptional deep cleaning. Its multifunctional design makes it ideal for various surfaces, ensuring a comprehensive and professional clean.

It concludes, EDIC's Box Extractors, including the Bravo Carpet Spotter, Galaxy 5 Automotive Box Extractor, and Endeavor Multi-Purpose Box Extractor with Heat, redefine automotive cleaning with their cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance. These machines are crafted to meet the demands of professional detailers and automotive enthusiasts, offering superior cleaning power and efficiency. By investing in EDIC's Box Extractors, users can expect exceptional cleaning results, faster turnaround times, and the ability to tackle even the most challenging automotive cleaning tasks. These machines represent a commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability, ensuring pristine vehicle interiors with every use. This content highlights the prowess and efficiency of EDIC's Box Extractors, emphasizing their ability to deliver superior cleaning results for automotive interiors, catering to professional detailers and enthusiasts alike.

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