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Heat 'N Run External Heater - 2000W
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Box Extractors from EDIC

EDIC box extractors are carpet-cleaning machines that are highly effective in removing dirt and stains. They are often used for commercial and industrial carpet cleaning and are known for their ability to deep clean carpets thoroughly and effectively.

The new Bravo carpet spotter is highly powerful and efficient. This compact machine is ideal for detecting and cleaning small carpeted areas, upholstery, and vehicle interiors.

The Galaxy 5 Auto Detailing Carpet Extractor is intended for exceptional heat and power while remaining lightweight and portable. This box extractor is ideal for auto detailing and other operations that require a small but strong machine. The Galaxy 2000SX-HR Box Extractor, Galaxy 2000CX-HR Box Extractor, and Galaxy 2000IX-HR Box Extractor all have a large 12-gallon tank, while the Galaxy Pro Box Extractor has a 17-gallon tank. The Galaxy model uses high pressures and suction to clean and dry carpets at record speed.

The Endeavor carpet cleaner series is a high-performance, dual-vac, multi-purpose box extractor designed to help you clean hard surfaces and carpet floors more efficiently than ever. The 13-Gallon Endeavor Multi-Purpose Box Extractor features casters near the handle and ramps built right into the mold, allowing you to roll the machine into the vehicle.

The Triton Carpet Wand is designed to provide higher and more consistent air speed across the width of the wand head, ensuring maximum water recovery.

Heat any EDIC "heat ready" portable carpet extractor with the 2000-watt external heating system. It is the only detachable heater on the market that mounts outside the extractor and is simple to install with no tools.

EDIC carpet box extractors are designed to extract dirt and stains swiftly and efficiently. You can now have clean, new-looking carpets all the time!

EDIC Box Extractors set the standard for performance and efficiency in the industry! All box extractors are available with heat.

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