Triton Dual Carpet Jet Wand - Brass Tip
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Triton Dual Carpet Wand - Brass Tip - 100-250 PSI

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  • Manufacturer:EDIC
  • Size:1200 PSI Valve; 3000 PSI Solution Line
  • Accessory For:EDIC Extractors
  • Product Type:Carpet Wand
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Item Description:

Triton Carpet Wand

For use with 100-250 PSI units

The head of the wand is not only designed for higher air speed but also for even/consistent air speed across the whole width of the wand head, guaranteeing optimum water recovery.

The wand shoes is made of UHMW plastic, which has the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made. The wand glides easily across the carpet and wears less.

The dual jet system eliminates the problem of overlapping contact between each spray pattern, common to other wands. This design allows the full pressure of each jet to impact the carpet fibers with powerful, uninterrupted agitation.

Brass tip 11001:

  • Spray Tip Degree (Fan Width): 110 degrees
  • Spray Tip Opening Size: .01"

500 PSI works best with a total opening of "02." Two tips with "01" openings are equal to one "02" opening.

Click Here for Tip Sizing (PDF)

Stainless steel
UHMW Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene
Solution line:
3000 PSI
Spray jets:
Stainless steel
Spary tube:
1200 PSI
Wand tube:
Aircraft aluminum or titanium
6.5 lbs

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