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Commercial Marine Boat Paint Coating Remover 670AF Blue Bear- 1 Quart

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Item Description:

670AF Anti-Fouling Paint Remover

The 670AF is perfect for protecting commercial and recreational boats from the build-up of barnacles and other ocean grime. The 670AF cuts through multiple years of protective coatings on commercial and recreational boats.

  • Formerly known as Soy-Strip Professional Paint Stripper for Marine Coatings
  • Gelled to cling under boats effectively
  • Cuts through multiple years of coatings
  • Safe to use! No methylene chloride
  • Made with 100% American grown soybeans
  • GHS compliant
Average Coverage (Horizontal):
125 sq ft per gallon (max 200 sq ft per gallon)
Average Coverage (Vertical):
75 sq ft per gallon
Flash Point:
Above 200 degrees Fahrenheit
N-Methyl Pyrrolidone, Dibasic Ester LVP, Soy Ester, Proprietary Thickening and Surfactant Blend
pH Level:
8.3 pH
1 Quart
55.7%, 4.29 lb/g, 513.75 g/l


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   1.0 / 5 • 1 reviews

by on April 18, 2023

The product did not remove many layers of VC17 as hoped and left a mess of melted paint and old. I had to sand the whole mess down to base before re-painting. I would not recommend to anyone.

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