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Paint & Urethane Stripper - 1 Gallon Bottle

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Item Description:

Do NOT use on PVC, drywall, limestone, plastic, veneer, terrazzo tile, or rubber

Paint & Urethane Stripper

Formerly known as SOY Gel Paint and Urethane Remover. The Paint & Urethane Stripper is a tried and true stripper ideal for the average home owner. This stripper effectively removes multiple layers of paint, varnish, enamel, urethane, lead based paint, and other simple coatings. Made with natural soybeans, the Paint & Urethane Stripper is the safe choice for a low odor, non-caustic, green coating remover for any DIY project.

Ideal for lead-based paint removal. When used, the lead becomes encapsulated in the gel, preventing airborne particles and allowing for safe removal.


  • Formerly known as Soy-Gel Paint and Urethane Remover
  • Removes paints, urethanes, enamels, sealers, some epoxies, and many other coatings
  • Non-caustic, biodegradable, no toxic fumes
  • Removes multiple layers in one application
  • Safe to use indoors - no methylene chloride
  • Made with 100% American grown soybeans
  • Ideal for lead-based paint removal
Average Coverage (Horizontal):
125 sq ft per gallon / max 200 sq ft per gallon
Average Coverage (Vertical):
75 sq ft per gallon
Flash Point:
Above 200 degrees Fahrenheit
N-Methyl Pyrrolidone, Dibasic Ester LVP, Soy Ester, Proprietary Thickening and Surfactant Blend
pH Level:
8.1 pH
Not for Use On:
PVC, Drywall, Limestone, Plastic, Veneer, Terrazzo Tile, or Rubber
Safe for Use On:
Concrete, Masonry, Wood, and Metal
1 Gallon
49%, 4.249 lb/g, 509 g/l


Apply a thick layer of Paint and Urethane Stripper by pouring, brushing, squeegee, or commercial airless sprayer. Applying too thin will cause Paint and Urethane Stripper to dry out before removal is complete. Use a scraper to check if the coating is softened down to the surface. If not, wait longer and recheck. When the coating is completely softened, remove with a scraper.

Due to variances in surfaces and conditions, always test in a small, inconspicuous area before using on complete project. Coverage per square foot varies depending on the type and age of coatings, number of layers and method of application.

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