Franmar Soy Gel 1 Quart Paint Remover
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Paint, Varnish and Coatings Remover 600GL SOY Gel - (12) 1 Quarts

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Item Description:

Do NOT use on PVC, drywall, limestone, plastic, veneer, terrazzo tile or rubber

600GL Paint & Urethane Stripper

Includes twelve 1 quart bottles

The 600GL Coatings Remover is an industrial strength and consumer friendly acrylic, epoxy, paint and urethane stripper made with 100% American grown soybeans. With a low evaporation rate, its gel formulation makes it possible to remove several layers in one application. The 600GL floor coating remover will lighten or remove solvent dyes and water-based stains with ease.

600GL Blue Bear contains no methylene chloride and is not an alkaline based remover. This cleaning solution will clean up easily with just water. Unlike traditional paint removers, this floor stripper allows you to clean hard surface floors without leaving behind odor. You are guaranteed a safe restoration process indoors or outdoors.

This paint and coating remover offers a cleaner alternative than the traditional method of stripping floor surfaces. The stripper attacks even the toughest tasks of removing paint from wood and concrete with a powerful formula that lifts them from the surface. 600GL makes paint removal easier, safer and more eco-friendly than ever before, allowing anyone from home owners to professionals to utilize the power of the best paint remover on the market!

Franmar Chemical SOY Gel Paint and Urethane Remover


  • Formerly known as Soy-Gel Paint & Urethane Remover
  • Made with 100% American Grown Soybeans
  • Removes multiple layers in one application
  • Safe! No Methylene Chloride
  • Low odor
  • Gel Formula for easy application
  • GHS compliant
  • 75 - 150 sq ft/gallon
Average Coverage:
*125 sq. ft. per gallon
Conditions to avoid:
Strong oxidizing agents
Flash point:
Above 200 degrees F
Low odor
pH Level:
8.1; pH of 1/10
1 quart
49%, 4.249 lb/g

*Note: Sq ft. varies depending on type and age of coating, number of layers and method of application


Test in a small, inconspicuous area before using on a full project due to differences in concrete surfaces and conditions. SOY Gel is safe to use on concrete, brick, stone, metal, plaster, wood and many other surfaces. SOY Gel may be used in both indoor or outdoor settings. When used for outdoor applications, protect any plant life and vegetation with a plastic drop cloth. SOY Gel may be used on vertical and horizontal projects.

Apply a thick, even layer to the coating, then remove it by using a guage rake, squeegee rake, or airless sprayer. Check the progress of the stripping action by using a scraper to see if the coating is softened down to the surface. SOY Gel will remain wet and effective for several hours after applying. Leave the the SOY Gel layer for a longer period of time for even better results. Cover the SOY Gel if left outdoors with a light plastic drop cloth (2 mil or thicker).

Once the coating is softened, remove it with a scraper, industrial wet vacuum or another stripping tool. Reapply the stripper if necessary. Repeat prior steps, and after use, clean the remaining thin residue with Franmar's EMERGE degreaser or water, using a scrub brush and/or mop. Make sure to scrape or vacuum excess removed coating and SOY Gel before using a power washer for final cleaning. Lastly allow the surface to dry before any further preparations.

Common Uses

  • Concrete hard surface sealer removal
  • Acrylic removal
  • Lead-based paint removal
  • Paint removal
  • Single & most tow part epoxy removal
  • Urethane & Varnish removal


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