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Be Ready for Clean floors with Malish Flex Scrub Bristled Floor Pad

Get your floors sparkling clean with Malish Flex Scrub Bristled Floor Pad! The revolutionary floor pad easily attaches to traditional floor cleaning machines and provides a deep clean like no other. Your floors will shine like never before thanks to its deep penetration into grout lines and textures.

If you are struggling with staffing shortages and budget constraints, switch to Flex Scrub Floor Pad and make your floor maintenance tasks easier without compromising on quality. Our eco-friendly floor pad is perfect for helping you get the job done in a fraction of the time. So, without delay, get our revolutionary floor pad to make maintenance a breeze!

Our patent-pending flex coupler ensures fast and easy installation, so you can start scrubbing faster. Its quick-change universal adaptor fits most traditional 175-350 rpm machines like single-disc, auto scrubber, ride-on, and orbital. Crafting a streak-free clean is effortless, as you need not stop and flip or wash out the pad. Plus, it's lightweight and self-cleaning, so you'll never have to worry about floor damage again!

Let us check out the different colors available in Flex Scrub Floor Pad. Get that base-level shine with our Black Flex Scrub, and scrub away light dirt, residue, and scuff marks with our Blue Flex Scrub. Tackling heavy build-up like saturated grout lines, and the dried residue is easy with our Green Flex Scrub, and maintain cleanliness every day with our Red Flex Scrub.

Get your floors clean like never before with Flex Scrub Floor Pad! Our revolutionary pad is designed to reach all the hard-to-reach areas for a deeper clean, with no need to change existing floor machines or any special attachments. Forget about healing and floor damage ever again - say hello to a spotless deep clean!

The Flex Scrub™ is new ultimate bristled floor pad that attaches quickly, and provides a deeper level of cleaning than a traditional floor pad. Flex Scrub™ reaches deep into grout lines and textures where regular pads can’t. Our patent pending Flex Coupler, a quick-change universal adapter, allows for easy installation to any pad driver.

Flex Scrub™ fits most traditional 175-350 rpm machines: single-disc, auto scrubber, ride on, orbital.

Experience powerful performance from the Flex Scrub Floor Pad

  • Reaches where traditional pads can’t for a deeper clean
  • Outlasts traditional pads up to 50 to 1, reducing labor and product cost
  • Easy to use:
    1. No need to stop-and-flip
    2. Won’t gum up when cleaning and stripping
    3. Self-cleaning so no need to wash it out
  • No concern about heeling and floor damage
  • Flexible and lightweight

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