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ASI Combination Units: A Convenient Solution for Restroom Needs

ASI Combination Units provide a practical and efficient solution for restrooms by combining paper towel dispensers and waste receptacles in a single unit. Available in a variety of designs, these units cater to different restroom requirements and preferences, ensuring convenience and hygiene for users.

The C-Fold/Multifold Towel Dispenser and Receptacle Surface Mounted Unit is ideal for areas with limited space. Made of durable stainless steel, it can dispense up to 600 C-fold or 800 Multifold paper towels without requiring adjustments or adapters. Its tumbler lock and heavy-duty hinge ensure safety and make maintenance easy, while its 12-gallon waste receptacle accommodates high-traffic areas.

For recessed installations, with no extra parts required, the Multi Paper Towel Dispenser and Receptacle unit offers versatility by dispensing 600 C-fold, 800 multi-fold, or 1,100 single-fold towels. Its 18-gallon waste container enables less frequent emptying, and its elegant look blends nicely with your restroom decor.

The Roval Paper Towel Dispenser and Waste Receptacle Unit provide touch-free operation, making them ideal for high-traffic areas where hygiene is critical. Its infrared sensor activates the dispenser, which dries hands in under 25 seconds before shutting off automatically after 60 seconds. Its auto-resetting thermostat ensures energy efficiency, while its durable construction withstands heavy use.

The Simplicity Paper Towel Dispenser and Waste Receptacle Units, available in both recessed and semi-recessed designs, cater to simpler requirements while maintaining quality and durability. The ADA-compliant units dispense up to 350 C-fold or 475 Multifold paper towels and come with a 10.5-gallon waste receptacle (7-gallon for semi-recessed), ensuring practicality and ease of use.

The Under Vanity Paper Towel Dispenser & Waste Receptacle is a compact and convenient solution for dispensing paper towels and disposing of waste in commercial restrooms. This unit can hold up to 300 C-fold or 475 Multifold paper towels, making it suitable for high-traffic restrooms.

From high-capacity waste receptacles to touchless hand dryers, ASI Combination Units offer a versatile solution for a range of commercial restroom needs.

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