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The Simplicity Series from ASI

The Simplicity Collection, a stunning line of bathroom accessories, combines smooth construction with clean lines to provide both beauty and durability. The heavy-duty 3/16" (5 mm) diameter piano hinges are concealed, and the 20-gauge cabinets and 18-gauge stainless steel doors are made to withstand rigorous use. All keys to the units are similar for increased security.

The Simplicity Collection's one-piece cover-all door offers seamless construction that hides flanges and hinges for a classy and sophisticated appearance. The removable stainless steel waste receptacles make cleaning and maintenance simple, and the hemmed edges of the apertures of the towel dispensers enable safe and simple towel dispensing.

The Simplicity Collection includes toilet seat cover dispensers, trash cans, cabinets, sanitary napkin disposal devices, hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers. Paper towels are dispensed by dispensers in single, multi, roll, and C-fold forms. The units are available in surface-mounted, recessed, and semi-recessed styles. The automatic dispensers and dryers are powered by batteries. The automated dispenser's dispensing system is activated by a proximity sensor. For individuals who prefer bathroom items that combine strength with comfort, shape, and function, the Simplicity Collection is a great option.

With a focus on clear lines and natural materials, ASI's Simplicity Collection offers a simple yet sophisticated approach to home decor. The strong 18-gauge stainless steel doors, seamless construction, and practical features like hemmed edges and retractable waste receptacles add to its functionality. For people who value subtle style and a serene atmosphere in their home, this collection is perfect.

The Simplicity Collection from ASI features bathroom accessories that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It is certain to impress and deliver dependable performance for years to come, whether for business or domestic use.

American Specialties (ASI) Simplicity™ Collection Washroom Accessories, Bathroom Fixtures & Restroom Appliances

This elegant collection combines seamless construction and crisp design lines to provide strength and comfort, beauty and durability, form and function. 18 gauge doors and 20 gauge cabinets conceal heavy-duty 3/16" (5 mm) diameter piano hinges. All units are keyed alike.

  • 18 gauge stainless steel doors built to endure heavy usage
  • Seamless one-piece cover-all door conceals flanges and hinges
  • Hemmed edges on towel dispenser openings for safe, easy dispensing
  • Removable stainless steel waste receptacles for easy cleaning

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