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ASI Shelves & Racks: Organization and Durability for Your Janitorial Supplies

When it comes to keeping your janitorial supplies organized and easily accessible, ASI's stainless steel shelves and racks are a reliable solution.

The stainless steel mop and brush holder racks come in two sizes. 26 inches with 3 hooks and 36 inches with 4 hooks, and have mop holder brackets that are ribbed for rigidity and fabricated with cadmium-plated steel. A mop or broom handle is inserted into the grip jaw of the pivoting serrated rubber cam with an upward movement until it seats behind the clamp plate rib. The spring holds the cam against the handle, while gravity holds the mop clamped in position. These holder racks can be mounted to the wall with ten screws (sold separately) through holes provided in the rack channel.

For a more versatile solution, the stainless steel mop holder utility shelf with drying rod combines the same mop holder brackets with a utility shelf and rag hooks. Made of durable Type-304, 18-gauge stainless steel with a satin finish, this shelf is designed to last. The mop-holder brackets are made of cadmium-plated steel and are ribbed for added rigidity. The mop or broom handle can be easily secured by pushing it into the grip jaw of the pivoting, serrated rubber cam. A spring holds the cam against the handle, and gravity keeps the mop clamped in position. In addition to the mop holders, there are three rag hooks for storing dry cleaning cloths and rags. The shelf also features a 3/8-inch-diameter drying rod, which is perfect for hanging wet cloth items to drip into a floor basin (sold separately). This is a highly functional and durable cleaning accessory that can help keep your commercial or industrial space clean and organized.

ASI's stainless steel shelves and racks provide an efficient and long-lasting solution for organizing and storing janitorial supplies.

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American Specialties, Inc. (ASI) is a leading manufacturer of commercial stainless steel washroom accessories specifically designed for educational, healthcare and security facilities as well as manufacturing custodial accessories.

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