Toilet Tissue Dispensers by ASI

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High-Quality Toilet Tissue Dispensers from ASI

ASI offers a wide range of toilet tissue dispensers designed to meet the needs of various environments. From dual jumbo roll dispensers to single roll options, these durable and reliable units are constructed from high-quality materials such as type 304 stainless steel, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance.

The dual jumbo-roll toilet tissue dispensers are designed to hold two rolls of toilet paper, ensuring that there is always a backup roll available. This dual jumbo toilet paper dispenser holds two rolls of 2 1/4- or 3-inch-diameter core with a maximum diameter of 9 inches and has a slide panel that exposes the other roll when one is depleted. The door cabinet and mounting plate are made of 18-gauge type 304 stainless steel with a satin finish. The dual-roll toilet tissue dispenser comes in four variations, including a bright finish, a satin finish, a recessed model, and a surface-mounted model, each capable of holding two rolls up to 5-¼ inches in diameter (1800 sheets). The dispensers feature heavy-duty materials, secure locking mechanisms, and theft-resistant spindles for durability and convenience.

Keep your bathroom organized with the dual roll toilet tissue dispenser with an 18-inch sturdy shelf for added convenience. For a sleek and modern look, the Profile dual-roll toilet tissue dispenser that can be surface mounted is a perfect choice, with a durable stainless steel cabinet and theft-resistant spindles. If you need a dispenser for a larger roll, the single jumbo-roll toilet tissue dispenser with a 10-inch roll diameter has got you covered. And for a simple yet elegant option, the single-roll toilet tissue dispenser with a bright and satin finish is sure to please.

Elevate your restroom with these stylish and functional toilet paper dispensers! With brake springs to provide controlled delivery and vandal-resistant locking devices, ASI's toilet tissue dispensers offer convenience, reliability, and durability.

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