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The Roval Collection from ASI

The Roval Collection's lovely bathroom accessories were designed for high-profile assignments where finesse is a must. The one-piece seamless doors' delicate contours and brushed stainless steel finish give any bathroom a more upscale appearance. The flush tumbler locks provide excellent protection while enhancing the collection's overall aesthetic.

These accessories are ideal for high-end commercial restroom applications that demand both style and toughness. The integrated locking mechanisms increase security, and the heavy-duty anchored piano hinges provide long-lasting performance. Complete access to the back panels makes installation simple, and the fully detachable waste cans simplify cleaning and maintenance.

Because of its curved shape and brushed stainless steel finish, the Roval Collection is the best solution for people who want to bring beauty and elegance to their bathroom without having it take center stage. These accents will make any space appear more sophisticated.

The Roval Collection includes sanitary napkin disposal units, toilet seat cover dispensers, hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, liquid soap dispensers, hand sanitizer dispensers, waste receptacles, tampon and napkin vendors, shelves, baby changing stations, and more. The mirrored glass may be plate glass or tempered glass, and the dispenser units may be surface-mounted, recessed, or semi-recessed. The shelves come in different widths. The baby changing stations are composed of stainless steel and are available in mounted and recessed designs. Given how well the Roval Collection from ASI combines durability and elegance, it is the ideal choice for high-profile commercial washroom projects.

The Roval Collection combines elegance and durability into one stunning and useful option for high-end commercial washroom applications. This series will dazzle with its seamless design, integral locking mechanisms, and sturdy construction and deliver dependable performance for years to come.

American Specialties (ASI) Roval™ Collection Washroom Accessories, Bathroom Fixtures & Restroom Appliances

Intended for high-profile projects, this collection adds elegance to any washroom without becoming the focal point. Subtle curves, drawn one-piece seamless doors and flush tumbler locks, make the Roval™ Collection ideal for the most aesthetically demanding applications.

  • Curved design and brushed, stainless steel finish are the ideal choice for high-end commercial washroom applications
  • Integral locking systems
  • Heavy-duty staked, piano hinges
  • Full access to back panels for easy installation
  • Fully removable waste receptacles for easy cleaning

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