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Kaleidoscope Recycling Receptacle Collection: Organize Your Waste with Style and Functionality

The Kaleidoscope Recycling Receptacle Collection from Ex-Cell offers a wide variety of options with style and functionality. With the option to choose from square or half-circle bins and a variety of colors and patterns, this collection allows you to create a recycling center that fits perfectly with its surroundings. The Kaleidoscope Collection features 8, 17, 24, and 36-gallon receptacles for indoor use, all equipped with sturdy feet to protect floor surfaces and keep the receptacles elevated to prevent mold and mildew growth. Each receptacle includes a rigid plastic liner with lift handles that meets UL94 flammability standards, and the garbage and recycling indoor receptacles contain over 30% recycled material and are 100% post-consumer recyclable.

The Kaleidoscope XL Series Rectangular Receptacles are 17-gallon receptacles designed for indoor use. The sturdy feet protect floor surfaces while also keeping the receptacle elevated. The rigid plastic liner with lift handles meets UL94 flammability standards and includes over 30% recycled material, making it a sustainable choice.

The Kaleidoscope XL Series Square Receptacles come in 24-gallon and 36-gallon sizes, both designed for indoor use. These receptacles have the same sturdy feet, rigid plastic liner with lift handles, and recycled material as the rectangular receptacles, but their square shape provides a unique aesthetic appeal to them.

The Kaleidoscope Half-Round Receptacles are 8-gallon receptacles designed for indoor use. These receptacles are perfect for smaller spaces and offer the same features as the larger receptacles, including sturdy feet, a rigid plastic liner with lift handles, and recycled material.

Make a statement in your business or home with the Kaleidoscope Recycling Receptacle Collection from Ex-Cell! Not only is it attractive and efficient, but it also has an emphasis on sustainability. With over 30% recycled material and 100% post-consumer recyclability, you can be proud that you're doing your part to help our planet.

The Kaleidoscope Collection is a collection of trash and recycling bins that allow you to establish your recycling center in a varying selection of colors and patterns to meet your needs. Pick a square bin or a half circle bin and then choose from 4 colors. Arrange your recycling center in an organized manner that best fits the surroundings.

ADA Compliant and Constructed of Fire Safe Steel

Each Complete Unit Includes:

  • Easy to remove steel top finished in Silver Star EXL-Coat powder-coat with a removable finger print proof black texture EXL-Coat finished insert
  • Insert openings are dedicated to desired waste stream; 4-1/2" circle for bottles/cans & plastic, 2" paper slot and an 8" square or half moon trash opening
  • Easy to read, pre-applied white decals on 2 sides of the units to indicate waste stream
  • Rigid plastic liners with ample 18-gallon capacity on the square units and 8-gallon capacity on the half-round
  • Four heavy-duty feet keep the units slightly elevated to allow for air circulation and help restrict mold and mildew growth and unsightly discoloration of floor surfaces from "mop around" ring
  • Janitorial Equipment, Carpet And Floor Cleaning Supplies

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