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Recycling Receptacles from Ex-Cell

Recycling receptacles are made expressly for collecting recyclable items such as plastic, paper, glass, and metal. Recycling bins are primarily used to give consumers a simple and accessible spot to dispose of their recyclable waste. By allowing the correct disposal and processing of recyclable items, recycling bins contribute to the reduction of pollution and the advancement of sustainability.

Ex-cell offers an assortment of recycling bin solutions under several brand names.

The Landscape Series Outdoor Cans and Bottles Recycling Receptacle is a dependable and secure choice for recycling outside. Its features, which include a domed top with four apertures, a plastic-coated steel cable to prevent theft and vandalism, a laser-cut "RECYCLE" mark on the body, and steel retainer bands to hold liner bags in place, make it the ideal choice for public spaces and parks.

The Venue Collection Recycling Receptacle can be used outside if it is positioned under a cover, even though it is designed for indoor use. Its clever perforated hole pattern and fully welded brushed stainless steel body give it a sleek and modern appearance. For added convenience and durability, the flat lid's 8" opening is coated in a blue texture that is recyclable and fingerprint-resistant.

The Metro Collection Recycling Receptacle is an attractive and practical recycling container with clear lines and premium craftsmanship. Because of its sleek and classy style, which fits well with any traditional or contemporary decor, it is the ideal choice for anyone searching for a stylish and practical recycling solution.

Ex-Cell's range of recycling bins provides tough, safe, and fashionable alternatives for both indoor and outdoor recycling requirements. Using recycling bins is one of the most crucial things we can do to increase environmental awareness and reduce our impact on the environment.

Ex-cell offers many brands of recycling receptacles units.


  • Metro Collection
  • Venue Collection

The receptacles from the Metro Collection are compliant and constructed of fire-safe steel.

The Venue collection has receptacles made of perforated steel recycling receptacles.

The receptacles form the Venue Collection are ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

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