Smoker's Oasis Cigarette Butt Receptacles

The Smokers' Oasis Cigarette Butt Receptacles from Ex-Cell

Cigarette butt receptacles are designed to provide smokers with a dedicated area to dispose of their used cigarettes. They assist in avoiding the littering of cigarette butts. By providing smokers with a convenient and visible location to dump their cigarette butts, containers promote responsible disposal and can help reduce the likelihood of littering and fires. They are a crucial component of keeping public spaces tidy and appealing, and you may find them in many outdoor spaces like parks, walkways, and outdoor seating areas.

Use the Ex-Cell Smokers' Oasis Cigarette Butt Receptacles to properly and safely dispose of cigarette waste. Due to their all-steel construction and fire-safe design, they provide a dependable and secure container for cigarette butts.

The Smokers' Oasis SRS-1 Receptacles can be used securely without sand or water because they are made entirely of steel, are safe to use over open flames, and won't melt or burn. Due to their weather and UV-resistant powder-coated finishes, which are easy to clean with just a damp towel, the garbage cans can be kept clean and beautiful for a long time. The sure-fit industrial steel hasp closure keeps the top half of the container firmly fastened to the base, preventing spills or wind-related damage.

To empty the contents into a trash can, simply open the container's seal, lift the inner pail using the handle, and do so. The process is short and straightforward. The 4.5-gallon detachable galvanized steel container is a terrific option for high-traffic sites including parks, sidewalks, and outdoor dining areas because it can hold more than 4000 cigarette butts.

The use of Ex-Cell smoking receptacles helps keep public spaces neat and pleasant. Receptacles provide smokers with a designated location to put their cigarette butts, which helps to reduce littering, reduce the risk of fire, and promote responsible behavior.

EX-CELL Smokers' Oasis Cigarette Butt Receptacles disposes any cigarette waste safely and environmentally.

These cigarette butt receptacles are made of all-steel and fire-safe material.

The Smokers' Oasis models come with a large capacity to contain waste of 4.5 gallons.

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