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Floor Pads from Square Scrub

Floor pads are scrubbing tools used in floor scrubbers to clean and preserve hard surface floors such as concrete, marble, tile, and others. The floor pads replace the old brush technique and provide a more efficient and effective cleaning option.

Light cleaning is accomplished with the Red Buffing Floor Pad. It may remove small scuff marks and debris while still providing a high gloss finish.

Try the Xtract Melamine Floor Pads to clean tile and grout without using harsh chemicals. It cleans VCT, terrazzo, tile, concrete, and epoxy floors without destroying the floor finish.

Try the TurfScrub bristle scrubbing pad for uneven floor surfaces and deep grout lines. This single-sided scrub pad cleans deep into the cracks and crevices of uneven floor surfaces as well as deep grout lines.

The Maroon EcoPrep EPP is made of synthetic fibers with abrasive particles throughout. It is ideal for removing acrylic or urethane finishes prior to recoat.

The Black Stripping Floor Pad is a powerful stripping floor pad for removing dirt and old finish buildup. It is made of polyester fibers with abrasive particles dispersed throughout the pad.

Use the SQP Floor Finish Stripping Pad to remove numerous layers of acrylic finish before recoating. It is a thin pad that is used to remove the floor finish without using chemicals.

Doodle Scrub SHO Wet Strip Pad should only be used for the most intensive chemical stripping jobs. It has extremely abrasive fibers as well as substantial, dense fibers for extensive floor stripping.

The blue Doodle Scrub Tile & Grout Cleaning Pad is ideal for cleaning grouted tile floors, terrazzo, non-slip concrete, and other uneven surfaces. It works best when wet on a variety of surfaces.

The Doodle Scrub Driver Pad is a medium- to heavy-duty blue floor pad that may be used for intensive cleaning and buffing but is mostly utilized as a spacer pad.

Square Scrub floor pads for floor scrubbers are a convenient and efficient way to clean and maintain hard surface floors, and there are many different types of pads available to satisfy a wide range of cleaning needs.

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