14" x 20" Turf Scrub Single-Sided Bristle Scrubbing Pad - 4 Pack

Turf Scrub Single-Sided Bristle Scrubbing Pad - (4) 14
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  • Manufacturer:UnoClean/Americo
  • Size:14" x 20"
  • Product Type:Floor Pad
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  • Origin:USA

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Item Description:

TurfScrub Brush Scrubbing Pad

The TurfScrub pad is constructed of a heavy duty artificial turf material for exceptional cleaning performance and long life. This scrub pad gets down into the cracks and crevices of uneven floor surfaces and deep grout lines for unsurpassed cleaning results. It works like a brush with the convenience of a pad. Ideal for use on machines speeds up to 500 rpm.

The TurfScrub pad is constructed of a heavy duty artificial turf surface that is sewn, with high tensile thread, onto a porous, nonwoven backing pad. The pads are not laminated. This allows for the unobstructed flow of water or cleaning solution when using an auto scrubber. With no serged borders these pads provide "edge to edge" cleaning power without damaging baseboards or walls.

  • 14" x 20" floor pad
  • Ideal for cleaning deep grout lines and uneven floor surfaces
  • No need for expensive brushes
  • Easy to change
  • Recommended for use on machines up to 500 rpm
Abrasive Application:
Backing Pad:
Nonwoven Web
Binder System (Backing Pad):
Cross-Linkable Water-Based
Face Weight (Artificial Turf):
19.5 osy (661 gsm)
14" x 20"
Heavy Duty Artificial Turf Sewn w/ High Tensile Thread to a Nonwoven Web
1.30" (33 mm)
74 osy (2509 gsm)

Directions for Use

This pad is ideal to use with standard speed floor machines, automatic scrubbers and oscillating floor machines. It is ideal for use on a variety of floors including: concrete, terrazzo, deep grouted tile and other uneven surfaces.

Product Care

The pad should be thoroughly cleaned after each use to prolong its life and efficiency. Flush out dirt and debris with a high pressure garden hose (use hot water if available). To dry, stand the pad on its edge and prop it against a wall or rack. This allows the water to completely drain from the pad and promotes faster drying.

Note: Do NOT use commercial washing machines or dryers.

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