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Orbital Floor Scrubbers from Square Scrub

Square Scrub Walk Behind Orbital Electric Floor Scrubbers will have your floors shining clean in a jiffy! You will also save time and money because this scrubber utilizes every floor pad, sanding paper, and sanding screen to the greatest extent possible. You'll be amazed at how much these floor machines simplify your cleaning activities!

Square Scrub industrial floor machines are produced in the United States of America using American-made components. Square Scrub machines come in over a hundred different configurations for cleaning, scrubbing, floor striping, and mopping.

The Doodle Scrub EBG-9 battery-powered floor preparation machine is designed to reach areas that larger floor machines cannot. It's great for cleaning and preparing the flooring around toilets, urinals, bathroom stalls, and stairs. UnoClean sells the Doodle Scrub EB6-9 kits, which come with a variety of attachments. The Doodle Scrub EBG-16 is intended for general floor cleaning and increased soil removal. When compared to typical hand mopping, the 4100-rpm motor of the EBG-16 significantly enhances cleaning.

The slotted removable weights on the Square Scrub EBG-20/C surface preparation floor machine allow you to lower weights for cleaning carpets and add weights for high-demanding operations like stone polishing. It is suitable for any commercial or industrial cleaning task. A HEPA Dry Vacuum Kit is included with the EBG-20/CV and EBG-28/V surface preparation machines.

The Square Scrub Solution Tank has made stone maintenance and other applications that require water easier. The front-mounted dispersion bar glides under the weights for a snug fit and is simple to install. The handle-mounted tank has no effect on machine balance.

The Square Scrub EBG9 Doodle Skate and Square Scrub EBG HEPA Dry Vacuum Kit are available at UnoClean.

The Square Scrub Orbital Scrubbers are intended to reduce waste and risk by managing detergent levels and administering the exact amount of solution required for daily and routine floor cleaning. You can now quickly and easily achieve the professional-level outcomes you deserve.

Walk Behind Orbital Electric Floor Scrubbers eliminate waste and reduces risk by controlling detergent levels and dispensing exactly the right amount of solution for daily and routine floor cleaning maintenance.

Square Scrub® industrial floor machines are made right here in America with American made components. Square Scrub Floor cleaning and Prep machines were developed to maximize productivity in every application. With 100 plus different surface cleaning and preparation tools, the Square Scrub industrial floor machines handle cleaning, scrubbing, floor striping, and mopping while making the most efficient use of every floor pad, sanding paper, or sanding screen, saving both time and money.

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