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14" x 20" Red Square Buffing Floor Pads - 5 Pack

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  • Manufacturer:UnoClean/Americo
  • Size:14" x 20"
  • Product Type:Floor Pad
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  • Origin:USA

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Item Description:

Red Buffing Floor Pad

The red buffing pad is used for light cleaning and buffing to remove light scuff marks and dirt while producing a high gloss shine. The pad is constructed of polyester fibers in a semi open textured, nonwoven pattern bonded with a durable adhesive. It is designed for use on both sides. Ideal for use on floor machines, orbital scrubbers and automatic scrubbers up to 800 rpm.

  • 14" x 20" floor pad
  • For light daily cleaning and spray buffing
  • Removes light scuff marks and dirt while producing a high gloss shine
  • Recommended for use on machines up to 800 rpm
Abrasive Application:
Binder Application:
Binder System:
Cross-Linkable Water Based
Fiber Type:
Recycled Polyester
5 Pads per Case
14" x 20"
1" (26 mm)
30 osy (1017 gsm)

Directions of Use

Dust mop or sweep floors prior to cleaning or buffing. Damp mopping may be necessary if floors are heavily soiled. A spray cleaning solution may be used. Buff until glossy.

Product Care

To prolong the life of this product it may be washed using a hose with a pressure spray nozzle to remove soil. To dissolve heavy soil or finish this pad may be soaked in detergent or diluted stripping solution prior to washing.

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