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Smooth and Glossy Finish with Buffing and Polishing Pads from Americo

Buffing and polishing pads from Americo are abrasive tools designed to achieve a smooth, glossy finish on a variety of surfaces. For use with polishing compounds or waxes to eliminate minor surface flaws, including swirl marks, tiny scratches, and oxidation, buffing pads are often composed of softer materials. To remove deeper scratches, stains, and other defects, polishing pads are composed of stronger materials and are intended to be used with more aggressive polishing solutions.

The red buffing pad is made of semi-open, textured, polyester fibers in a non-woven design, and it is attached with a strong adhesive. It is made of polyester from recycled industrial materials and is designed to biodegrade more quickly in landfills than conventional buffing pads. This pad creates a high gloss finish while erasing minor scuffs, dirt, and grime. The buffing pad, which may be used on both sides, is compatible with automatic scrubbers, orbital scrubbers, and regular electric floor machines.

White polishing floor pads with an extra-fine pad are perfect for polishing clean, dry floors. Crafted in polyester fibers in a densely textured, nonwoven pattern, this white polishing floor pad is made to be reversible. It is recommended for machines up to 3000 rpm.

Melamine floor pads are a type of floor cleaning pad made of an open-cell polymeric foam material, which is often laminated to a recycled polyester nonwoven material. The floor pads are also highly durable and water-resistant, meaning they can be used with water or neutral cleaners without damage. These pads are specifically designed for use on a variety of flooring surfaces.

Americo offers a wide range of buffing and polishing pads with different levels of aggressiveness and polishing abilities, making them a popular choice for professionals in the automotive, industrial, and commercial cleaning industries.

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