Black Diamond Red Heavy-Duty Cleaning Floor Pad - 400 Grit

Black Diamond Red Heavy-Duty 400 Grit Floor Pads from Americo

Black Diamond Red pads are constructed of a unique blend of polyester fibers and microscopic diamonds that are attached to the pad's surface with a proprietary resin. Because of its abrasive surface, the pad is great for eliminating scratches, scuffs, and other types of surface damage from a wide range of floor surfaces, including concrete, terrazzo, marble, and natural stone. The Black Diamond Red pad's distinctive diamond-coated surface also contributes to a high-gloss finish on floors.

The Black Diamond Red pad is intended to clean and preserve floors only via the use of water and mechanical action. Black Diamond Red pads are environmentally sustainable, which is one of their main advantages in floor cleaning. They are a safe and sustainable option for cleaning and maintaining floors because they do not require the use of harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions. Furthermore, because Black Diamond Red pads have a long lifespan, they are a cost-effective choice for floor cleaning.

Black Diamond Red pads are commonly used in conjunction with floor cleaning equipment or a buffer. Depending on the level of cleaning and maintenance necessary, the pads are available in a number of colors and grit levels.

The Americo Black Diamond Red pad has 400 grit and is used for cleaning and polishing. The diamond floor pad is suitable for use on worn concrete floors. This Twister Red removes scratches and stains from the surface, leaving a clean, matte surface, ready for the next steps in the Twister process. It is advised for use on machines with a maximum speed of 350 rpm. The Twister Hybrid Red 400 Grit polishes natural stone and terrazzo floors by removing scratches, wear, and stains. Black Diamond Red TXP Red 400 Grit is constructed of natural and synthetic fibers and is useful for stripping, stain and etch restoration, and light honing.

The Americo 400 Grit Black Diamond Red is a single grit diamond pad designed to be the first step in the traditional floor repair process. The performance of this pad will astound you.

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