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Floor Sand Screens from Americo for Reliable Performance

Floor sand screens from Americo are abrasive tools designed to prepare and finish a wide variety of floor surfaces. These screens are made of a durable mesh material and are coated with abrasive particles that provide a rough surface for effective sanding and floor preparation.

Floor sanding screens are commonly used to remove scratches, scuffs, and old finishes from hardwood floors, as well as to prepare concrete surfaces for staining, painting, or polishing. They can be used on both wet and dry surfaces and are suitable for use with a variety of floor machines.

One of the benefits of floor sanding screens is their ability to provide an even, consistent finish without leaving swirl marks or other imperfections. They are designed to be used in a specific order, starting with the coarsest screen and progressing to finer screens, to ensure a smooth and uniform surface.

Americo offers a range of floor sand screens with different levels of abrasiveness to suit different flooring types and conditions. Americo Sand Screen Discs are made with water-proof resins and silicon carbide abrasives on both sides. They are available in a round shape that is suitable for conventional floor machines and a rectangular shape for oscillating machines. Refinishing gym floors and repairing painted floor surfaces are two applications for floor sand screens. You can use a sand driver pad with these floor sand screens to avoid screen slippage and maximize performance. These floor sand screens are used with conventional or oscillating floor machines.

Floor sand screens from Americo are a reliable and effective solution for preparing and finishing a wide range of floor surfaces. They provide a cost-effective alternative to more labor-intensive sanding methods and can help restore the appearance of old or damaged floors.

Americo Sand Screens are made from high-quality materials and are known for their durability, long-lasting performance, and consistent results.

These sanding floor screen disc are commonly used for coatings repair on wood, gym, or painted floor surfaces. Americo is the leader in floor sanding screens and floor pads for the floor refinish and floor care contractor. An ideal application for these sand screens would be refinishing gym floors. These sanding screens are also used for repair of painted floor surfaces. Use both sides of the Sand Screen Disc…either wet or dry for a professional looking finished floor.

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