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Glove Box Dispensers from Bowman's

Make hand hygiene a priority with glove dispensers! Our stylish, wall-mounted design is easy to install and convenient to use. With automatic glove dispensing, you can ensure your customers and staff are always wearing clean gloves for maximum protection and minimal cross-contamination risk. Choose the one that suits you from Bowman’s range of glove dispensers.

  • The GS series of glove box dispensers has sizes that can contain up to four boxes of gloves. They also come in space-saving designs. There are keyholes for mounting horizontally or vertically. The GS series' entire line of dispensers is comprised of stainless steel.
  • The GP series of glove box dispensers has sizes that can contain up to four boxes of gloves. They also come in designs that are compact and slender. The GS line of dispensers is comprised of transparent PETG plastic.
  • The GL Series Glove Box Dispensers have sizes that can accommodate up to five boxes of gloves. Some designs have cutouts for Bowman door or wall hangers. Quartz beige, cherry faux wood, and maple faux wood are some of the hues of the ABS plastic dispensers. Some are crafted from clear PETG plastic, while others are made from black or white powder-coated steel. Glove box dispensers with visual size indicators include progressive cutouts to make it easy to recognize different sizes of gloves. A locking pivot hinge lid is included with the locking dispensers. One or more boxes of extended-cuff gloves are stored in the extra-long dispensers. Some glove box dispensers in the GL series are made of white-coated wire. The Food Service Glove Box Dispenser of the GL Series has a flexible spring to suit different box depths. The dispenser is compatible with pegboards and is available in clear PETG plastic and stainless steel. The Bowman's GloveCatcher Tray fits to any glove distribution system and holds the glove box(es) horizontally.
  • The GB Series Glove Box Dispenses have sizes that can accommodate up to four glove boxes. There is a space-saving design as well as a large design that is also pegboard compatible. They are crafted from white powder-coated steel.
  • The GC-018 series of glove box dispensers have sizes that can contain one box of gloves and have a flexible spring that can accommodate different box depths. They are pegboard friendly. They are made using white Sintra plastic.

Get glove dispensers now and take care of your hygiene needs in style! At Bowman’s, you will get sleek designs in a range of colors that will enhance the look of any workspace.

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